9 Best Semi Automatic Washing Machines in India [2019]


Are you looking for the best semi automatic washing machine for your home? If Yes, then you are in the right place.

Semi-automatic machines have a market in almost all the Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities in India. In spite of many people gravitating towards the fully automatic machines, there is an available clientele for these semi-automatic models as well.

Whirlpool 9 Kg Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

Whirlpool Corporation is an American multinational company. To give better results to customers Whirlpool comes with advanced and intuitive technology. Their categorized products are refrigeration, laundry, kitchen, air conditioners, purification.

The product comes with a 2-year warranty and a 5-year motor warranty. Also, it has hard water wash function that allows for removing stains and dirt even when hard water is used. It has four different knobs fabric type, dirt selector, drain selector and turbo dry and each for different usage. Now, you can set the wash type based on the fabric type.  Additional features like soak, buzzer, auto restart, hard water wash are available in this machine.Main Features

  • The machine has 9 wash capacity
  • It comes with 5 wash programs
  • The machine is capable of removing 10 types of stains
  • Its key features are 3D scrub technology, 3D lint filters, 3D turbo impeller
  • 3D scrub technology ensures toughest stain or dirt is removed from the cloth and even when the machine is heavily loaded
  • 3D lint filters have triple layers of filters that ensure lint collection is effective and the clothes are fresh, dirt free
  • 3D turbo impeller along with 3D scrub pads allows removing the dirt perfectly while the drum is rotating
  • The maximum rotational speed is 1400 RPM that ensures your clothes are maximum dry
  • Moreover, the control panel provided is wash proof and shockproof for safety.

Samsung 7.2 Kg Semi-Automatic Top-loading washing machine – WT725QPNDMP

Samsung is the ideal competitor to LG. If you have an LG brand, the Samsung counterpart is not very far away. This semi-automatic washing machine comes with excellent features.

  • Semi-automatic washing machine
  • A capacity of 7.2 Kg to suit medium to large families
  • High spin speed of 1000 rpm
  • Variety of wash programmes
  • Two years warranty on the product with five years on the motor

The highlight of this Samsung washing machine is the convenience of movement. The innovative design makes it comfortable to move the machine from one place to another.The EZ wash tray allows you to scrub your collars and thereby reduce washing time. It is also useful to transport your clothes after the wash. The best aspect is that you can scrub your clothes gently during the wash cycle without damaging the clothes.

The Dual air-intake facility reduces the drying time for your clothes. The lint collector captures the lint and other foreign particles from your fabrics and ensures a clean wash.

This machine comes with a sleek design and a violet color upgrade facility. The anti-corrosive plastic body enhances its durability. The presence of the buzzer indicates you after the wash cycle. It comes with ergonomic handles to enable free movement of the machine.


LG P8541R3SA 7.5 Kg Semi Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is the third best semi-automatic washing machine in India.

This washing machine has the following features:

1. Its capacity is 7.5 Kg.

2. The machine has 3 different wash programs ensuring a safe and customized wash for every fabric type.

3. The lint filter collects the fibres which come out while washing clothes. The fibres thus do not get stuck in the pipe, thus giving a better washing performance.

4. Its unique collar scrubber helps you scrub cuffs and collars, saving your time and efforts.

5. The rollers cause added friction to the clothes, removing dust & mites. This results in a better quality wash.

6. It has a 3mm strong plastic cover with rat repellent chemical that ensures any harm done to your washing machine is reduced, thereby enhancing the durability and performance to give you a best in the class experience.

7. The machine’s unique soak process soaks clothes in a concentrated detergent solution for 20 minutes to help loosen tough dirt particles.

8. It comes with 2 years warranty.

Whirlpool Whitemagic Premier 6.5 kg – Best Budget Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Whirlpool is another international biggie which over the years of presence in India has very well adapted to Indian requirements. This particular washing machine is loaded with features for Indian household. It can wash cloths even with Hard Water and it can work at low water pressures as low as 0.17 Bar. Whirlpool still uses agitators instead of pulsators and they use agitators to create powerful scrub technology that cleans the cloths well. This washing machine also has a spa wash system to reduce the tangling of cloths. This washing machine also has sensors to adjust the water levels and thus adjust the detergent levels, sensors for voltage and smart lint filters. On the whole a good buy if you are looking for a budget top load washing machine.

Pros: Hard Water Wash, Low Water Pressure, Good scrubbing to remove dirt from cloths

Cons: Agitators can cause tangling thus reducing life of cloths, whirlpool has tried to reduce it with adding another technology to manage it, but still a pulsator would have been better.

Key Specs: 6.5 kg machine (ideal cloth load of 6.5 kg)

Whirlpool 8.5 Kg Semi Automatic Washing Machine

This is a high capacity semi-automatic washing machine from Whirlpool with an excellent build and powerful motor of 350 watts power which is capable of running at 1450 RPM. The design looks great as well. The machine is well built and feels durable. There is a smart handle on the side and wheels at the bottom to move it easily. 

The control knobs are present on the top. You can select the type of wash, time of wash, drying time and drain water with the knobs. There are 5 wash programs available: Sari, Delicate, Normal, Heavy, Bedsheets. So depending on the load, you should select the wash program. A Super soak function is also available which helps to easily remove tough dirt and stains by continuous soaking and scrubbing action for 25 minutes with Super Soak Technology. The machine comes with Turbo Dry Technology which gives perfectly dry clothes in 15 minutes of sundrying.

The washing machine comes with 2 years warranty on complete unit and 5-year warranty on the motor. Whirlpool provides decent after sales service.

This is a great washing machine if you have a large family and need to wash a lot of clothes together. At this price, it is a good buy and one of the semi-automatic washing machines under 15000.


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