Best places to shop in Melbourne

Want to save your time by selecting a proper place for shopping t in Melbourne city? Availability of the latest trends, Quality products, and budget prices are a few of the basic requirements of the best shopping place. Here are a few places in Melbourne, Australia, famous among the local population and people around the globe that visit Melbourne city.

Melbourne is such a city where you will discover many shopping places like Chadstone, Bourke Street Mall and Melcourne central. You can also check out the online store at The average sales turnover of shopping malls in Melbourne in 2017 was 1.94 billion Australian dollars. It is necessary to get the exact information and data about the best shopping places out of many places available. Therefore, this article is aimed to enlist such places that will make your shopping easy, time-saving & will also delight you with a wonderful shopping experience. 

1. Chadstone

If you are newly visiting Melbourne, then you must visit Chadstone. Chadstone is the greatest Shopping Centre in Melbourne, with more than 540 stores and more than 80 restaurants. As Chadstone is the biggest Shopping mall in the southern hemisphere, it holds the heavyweight title in Australia. If you visit this place for the first time, you will find luxury fashion stores and international stores, from designer boutiques to departmental stores.

2. Melbourne Central

 If you want to experience the largest Shopping Centre that includes offices, public transport and a lot more just in one place, then you must visit the Melbourne Central Shopping Centre. Melbourne Central is a unique shopping spot where you can not only visit for shopping, but also you can see the monuments like The Glass Cone, The Vertical Garden, and so on. Melbourne Central Shopping Centre contains more than 300 distinct stores, including the movie theatre, bowling, and many more interesting things.

3. Bourke Street Mall

Bourke Street Mall is a well-known place for shopping in an open area with a lot of storefronts.

This place is known not only for shopping, but it is also one of the popular tourist destinations. Bourke Street is the best area in Melbourne for movies and theatres. Both Bourke Street Mall and the Myer bridges were designed in a manner so that all tourists and shoppers experienced a traffic-free environment.

4. Chapel Street

Chapel Street is a very unique and wonderful place for shopping. Chapel Street is a magnificent

spot because of the random combination of their stores. You can find a luxurious fashion store for the local fashion designer at this place that makes this place unique and remarkable. Popularly Chapel street is well known for art galleries, street art, food, espresso, bars, and some more.

5. Sydney Road

Sydney Road is known for one of the longest strips of retail in the southern hemisphere for

shopping. Around Sydney Road is a 14-mile long retail street that contains numerous storefronts, bars, restaurants, and malls. The A1 Middle bakery is one of the great bakery shops, and a tour of these bakeries is a part of Melbourne’s annual food festival. Sydney road has almost all stores, including the fashion stores, the second hand stores, and the bridal shops for wedding dresses.

6. Collins Street

If you are looking for the top designer and lavish design fashion stores, don’t forget

to visit Collins Street. Because Collins Street is popularly known for its top brand fashion store, legacy building, five-star hotels, private clubs, and numerous exclusive jewelry stores. If you visit Collins Street for the first time, you can visit the different branded stores without interruptions.

Above are all the top fashion stores of Melbourne where a visitor and citizens of Melbourne should go for the shopping. The article depicts all the top shopping centers, outlets, and notable landmarks that are always in demand in Melbourne. Right data to know about these places is most important so that visitors can get the best shopping experience.