Best online slots real money to play today

With so many technological innovations, there is no better time to be an online slot fan – click to play. There are hundreds of new releases each week, it can be hard deciding which slot to play. Some of these online slots are perfect for winning real money because of the bonus features that they offer. 

Candy Blasted! 

Featuring a delicious theme and incredibly exciting gameplay, Candy Blasted is a real treat for players. Developed by High 5 Games, prepare for a sugar rush as you spin the reels and encounter such things as a candy cane, candy swirl and other assorted sugary foods. Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth, there is still much to love about Candy Blasted. The design of the slot is absolutely beautiful, the graphics perfectly capture the candy wonderland in all its glory. The colouring in particular is very pretty and compliments the design of the slot very well. Candy Blasted also features amazing bonus features for players to enjoy such as clusters, multipliers and even free spins! With an RTP of 95.90% and the chance to win up to 50 000 your initial stake, Candy Blasted is a slot which you should play today! 

Genie’s Palace 

Coming from High 5 Games, this slot features an RTP of 96% but is highly volatile, so don’t expect the wins to be common. Despite this, Genie’s Palace can still help your wildest wishes come true thanks to some exciting bonus features and a sensational design. Taking place in a Middle Eastern city, the graphics wonderfully portray the ancient city, alongside a catchy tune which is reminiscent of Arabic music. The nighttime hues that the game uses are also bright to mind Disney’s Aladdin, with the Genie’s design being clearly reminiscent of the recent live action blockbuster release. Don’t expect any movie references in the reels though as Genie’s Palace keeps things simple, with the symbols being rubies and scrolls. The Wild Train feature is something that all players will find impressive, if you manage to trigger it multiple times there is the possibility of some truly massive wins! 

Valley of Fortunes

With a theme based on the Pharaohs in the Valley of Kings, Valley of Fortunes is a slot that is filled with majesty and fun! Thanks to beautiful graphics and animations, the slot is incredibly visually appealing. Opting for a soft tone in depicting the riches and excess of the Ancient Pharaohs. Although the volatility is incredibly high, there are more than enough bonus features which offer big wins for players if triggered. The Racking Up Riches feature in particular is one which offers multipliers and free spins to players. 

Final Thoughts 

Playing slots with real money on the line is one of the most exciting aspects of slot games. As the available technology players have access to has improved, so have the gameplay innovations featured in slot games.