Best online roulette strategies to maximize your winnings

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Out of all the casino games available in the online gambling environment, roulette occupies a very special place. Being one of the oldest games in the history of casinos – its origins date back to the 17th century – roulette has always held a special appeal, and it remains to this day a popular gambling option for players all across the world. 

It’s no wonder that a game considered by many to be a casino staple, synonymous with high risks and the sheer excitement of casino life, has made a successful transition to the digital gambling landscape. In fact, we can safely say that the advent of online casinos has only increased the game’s popularity and made it easily accessible to players in different parts of the world, just like it happened with online slot games.  

The rise to fame of online roulette 

We already know that roulette has a long and rich history in the land-based casino realm and online roulette is a relatively new gambling option by comparison. In the short period since it’s been around, online roulette has managed to attract a large following and draw the attention of many players who weren’t big roulette fans up to that time. So, one can’t help but wonder what makes online roulette so special and what are the aspects that contributed to its fame? 

There are various factors that can provide the answer to this question, as follows:

  • Ease of play – playing online roulette is simple and straightforward. The rules are anything but complicated, so even if you’re new to gambling you don’t need any special skills to start playing online roulette.  
  • Accessibility – you don’t have a land-based casino near you where you can play roulette? Online roulette provides the solution, allowing players to access the game regardless of their location. 
  • Convenience – not a fan of the big crowds and hectic gambling environment? you can play online roulette from the peace and comfort of your own home and forget all about making regular trips to the casino. 
  • Excitement – the fact that roulette is a game that relies on chance and one can’t predict the outcome creates a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. 
  • Free trials – almost all online casinos out there provide a free trial of casino games where you can test the games before you decide if they’re good enough to bet for real money. So, you can enjoy free roulette games which wouldn’t be possible in a land-based casino. 
  • Better odds – online casinos can afford to provide better odds and bigger payouts for players than land-based casinos, which means you have greater winning chances at online roulette than at traditional roulette. 

Online roulette strategies to try right now 

We mentioned previously that roulette is an easy to play game that relies purely on chance. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to turn the odds in your favor and increase your chances of winning. In fact, there are quite a few roulette strategies or systems that can help in this respect, and we’re going to list the most profitable ones here. 


Paroli is a very simple and positive roulette betting strategy that implies placing flat bets until you hit a winning streak. After each win, players will double their bets until they manage to achieve three consecutive wins. Paroli is a relatively low-risk strategy since you will only double your bets three times, so your starting funds won’t be affected much. You’ll either win big or lose a small amount of money when using this strategy. 


You can also win roulette in casinos using the Martingale betting strategy. The Martingale system is one of the most popular roulette strategies that has been employed successfully by many players over the years, and it is still highly used today. Unlike the previous betting system where you increase the bets after each win, the Martingale strategy requires players to double their bets after they lose. The pitfall with this system is that you risk running out of money or reach table limits which will prevent you from increasing your bets. 


The Fibonacci system is a progressive betting strategy that uses a sequence of numbers, where each stake represents the total sum of the previous two numbers. An example of a sequence can look like this: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 and it can continue. The thing with the Fibonacci system is that it doesn’t actually guarantee profits, but it keeps heavy losses at bay if used short-term. 


D’Alembert is a well-known strategy for versed roulette players that relies on even bets and uses the principle of progression, but unlike the Martingale system is not as aggressive. When using the D’Alembert system, players increase or reduce their wagers based on the outcome of each bet. If they lose, they add a unit and if they win, they reduce the stake by one unit. It’s virtually impossible to hit the table limit employing this strategy as bet adjustments are kept to a minimum. 


Compared to the previous betting strategies on the list, Labouchere is slightly more complex, so it’s better suited for more experienced players. The player starts with a random line of numbers that add up to their winning objectives. Then he adds the first and last number of the sequence, and that will be the amount of their first bet. If they win, these numbers are removed from the line and they add the next two. If they lose, they add the bet at the far-right end of the line. 


Parlay is a less-complicated betting strategy that resembles the Martingale method. The principle behind this system implies doubling the bet amount after each win and going back to the initial amount after each loss. It’s a strategy that works well in the short term and doesn’t require a big initial investment.

Now that you know which are the best online roulette strategies to maximize your winnings, you can start putting them into practice.