Best Mission-Based Games

There are many different genres of games out there. You have open world, free roam, adventure, story, RPG, and many more. One of the best genres of games is a mission-based adventure. Games that follow a structure usually are the best ways to play games, it offers for a smooth experience. There are a lot of games where you are thrown into an environment and you have to find the mission objective, but games that don’t do that and just load you into the mission straight away is a great way. Popular game companies like Ubisoft follow the structure.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist

This game is an FBI-based special operation game. It is about gathering intel on enemy terrorist organisations. Once the intel has been gathered you will be sent to the site to shut down the enemy operation. This game features structure-based missions so it is difficult to get lost. The game also has great stealth mechanics and it is packed to the brim full of stealth features. In this game, you have Splinter Cell’s signature pistol with a silencer, when this is fired enemies can not hear you shoot it so it works very well for stealthy things. You must also utilise the shadows to ensure that enemies cannot see you. When you are in the light and enemies see you, not all is lost. You can engage in loud combat with your enemies to take them down faster. You get access to assault rifles, SMGs, and even more powerful weapons. You can use a range of different gadgets such as grenades, drones and stealthy devices that can assist you in your game. This is one of the best mission-based games if you are a fan of stealth-based games and environments. If you like multiplayer games and enjoy stealth, stay tuned in for the next one.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege 

This multiplayer-based tactical shooter is one of the most popular shooting games and one of the best mission-based games to date. This game is one of the most tactical games that you can play if you enjoy that sort of thing. In this game, the objective is either to defend or attack the bomb site. If you are on defence you must prevent the attacking team from eliminating all of you, or from defusing the bomb. On attack, you must eliminate all of the defending teams or defuse the bomb. There are many different gadgets that you can use throughout the course of the rounds. Including drones, cameras, C4 electric walls and many more. In this game you can destroy and shoot walls, you can use holes in walls to get the advantage over the other team as holes in the wall can be very difficult to spot sometimes rather than peeking through a door. You have other more forceful gadgets such as flash bangs and other explosives that you can use. Sound is a big factor in this game, it allows you to locate the position of enemies before you can see them, you must be sure that they cannot hear you though.

Fable 3

Fable 3 is an open-world and mission-based game mix. In this game, your player’s brother is the king of the city and all of the towns that surround it. The king corrupts the city and commits a lot of morally wrong tasks, although it is for financial reasons. In this game, you discover that you have the power of someone known as a hero. You can gain many different magic powers to unlock different abilities. There are spells for things like flames, electricity, force, swords and many more. This game is very cool if you enjoy simulator games as well. This is because it allows you to run a city once you become king. Once you become king you must provide for your city. You must work to earn money so you can prepare for an upcoming war that is coming to the city’s way. There is an evil called The Darkness that you get to fight earlier in the game, and it has decided to come and attack the city. The city needs funds for weapons so it can be defended. This is one of the best mission-based games out there. However, the experience would be better if it was played on a high-quality screen. Click here to talk to a professional regarding TV wall mounting services.

In Conclusion

These are some of the best mission-based games that you can play. There are many different games that are like this that we haven’t discussed. So, if you would like to see more games like these, keep an eye out for more articles on gaming by us. Thanks for reading!