Best Intros in New Video Slot Games

An activity that both the adults and the children thoroughly enjoy, is gaming. Since there are no fields to play these at, and they do not require a person to have certain physical traits, it is open for everyone. All it requires is for a person to have a stable internet connection for online gaming, and a streaming device paired with modern-day consoles for a CD game. With the introduction of the concept of mobile supporting games, gaming has overall become more convenient than ever. In fact, a majority of the mobile developers are now releasing models specifically designed for gaming purposes, featuring a bigger RAM, and long battery life. 

Video Game Intros

The world changes constantly, with updates, modifications, and newer technology taking over our everyday tasks. However, some things remain the same, and within those, stand the obsession with video games. What were once only praised for being a good way to spend leisure time, are now praised for far more; the gameplay quality, the graphics, the soundtracks, the competitiveness, and the intro. Yes, video gaming has greatly evolved and will continue to do so with developers promising the fans a brighter future. 

While it can be challenging to choose the best video game today, given that they are all equally superb, there are certain traits that attract a huge fan base; and an important category amongst them is the introduction. 

The Top Ranked Intros In Video Games

Every time a new player gives a game an attempt, they can show an instant liking for it if the intro is catchy enough. That means it does not have to be too long so as to bore the player, or too short that the concept is vaguely displayed. Many of the PlayStation and Xbox games are a great example of what a good intro should be like, such as in:

  • The Last of Us – Famously known as the game with an intense storyline, and even more intense graphics. The detailing on the characters and the plot is mind-blowing, and so is the opening, giving the players a perfect background of what is to come. 
  • Uncharted 2 – A series that is widely loved, receives all the fame not just due to its epic features, but also because it has alluring intros. Especially the 2nd part, which the fans term as the most memorable one from the series. 
  • God of War III – Yet another famous series, based on a war and blood theme, with this specific part featuring an intense opening that shows a war with the great Poseidon. 
  • Resident Evil 4 – One may imagine this horror series to have a frightening opening on all its parts, yet, the 4th part hits different with an action-filled intro where the protagonist fights off an evil cult.
  • Assassin’s Creed II – The world’s favorite fiction assassin shows his soft side in the intro of this part, which the fans later termed as the best of the series given that the graphics and the plot left them awestruck. 

Slot Games With The Best Intros

Ever since the pandemic struck, at the end of 2019, it forced the entire population of the world to be restricted within their homes. This could have instantly led to widespread depression and suicidal behavior, if it wasn’t for the online world being a savior, providing us with alternatives to continue our work from home, as well as features nonstop entertainment. This was a tremendous relief to all, even to the gambling fans, who were thrilled to find online casinos as well as online slot machines to keep them going. They not only consist of a realistic environment to play like in the Aristocrat slots that you can experience even in the Sweet Bonanza free play mode, but also include amazing intros. Below are the most liked new slot games with the best intros:

  • Players Paradise Slots – Developed by the 616 development studio, which is already known for creating superb slot games, this one comes with a terrific opening, featuring dragon dollars on the screen, and that too, lit with fire. After this amazing feature, it then prompts the player to try, and play, and well, who could resist that? 
  • HUUUGE Slot Games – Just as the name of this development studio depicts, all the new games developed by them offer huge wins. Not just that, but the general intro to their online casino features a piece of rock music in the background while the screen displays the reels spinning. 
  • Viva Slots Vegas Wild Superstars – Designed with the glamorous Vegas theme and music, the intro flashes all the interesting features of the game, i.e. big bonuses and even bigger chances of winning. 
  • The Wizard of Oz Slots – Although it is not an entirely new game, having released back in 2014, it still tops the list as the favorite of The Wizard fans. The intro itself gives the fan a short tour of how their favorite characters will be featured as they gamble. 
  • Slotomania Slots – Developed by Playtika, the Slotomania Slots is an app featuring their best games, including some news fans, which instantly become a favorite of many. For anyone searching online for this app, there is a 30-second intro that swiftly shows the players of the games within, and what they offer. 

Why Online Slots Are A Hit

Although the concept of online gambling is old, it reached maximum fame and success during the outbreak of COVID-19. Apart from providing the ease and comfort of playing through your home, and in your favorite pajamas, it also saves a huge chunk of time and money, which is used to travel to the casinos. Online slots come with more flexibility in terms of money, given that there are numerous free-to-play versions for those who do not wish to invest in money, as well as a paid version for the other category. It not only provides a great way for the newcomers to learn and improve with the online tutorials and step-by-step guides but is also a way for the professional to polish their skills during their leisure time at home.