It wouldn’t take much to realize that the standard wooden pallet hasn’t seen much evolution over the years if you pause and think about the history.

The wooden pallets are still a popular packaging item and are likely to continue to be so.

These Wooden Pallets are custom-made and designed to address common problems in the supply chain.

Durability improvements

One of the features we’ve seen on new pallets is to increase the pallet’s durability and make it more fire resistant. The pallet is protected by a polymer coating that makes it easier to clean. These additional features, even though the pallet is still made from wood, help to prevent wood from catching bacteria and getting damaged.

Smart Chips

Some inventors go to great lengths to embed a chip in the pallet to allow it to be tracked. This allows for the pallet’s location to be tracked through the supply chain in real-time, and all information can be transmitted into the cloud.

Some chips can also record additional information such as temperature, humidity, and accidents. This new reporting capability is sure to stir up the logistics industry, which will have to take greater responsibility for how pallets are being handled and controlled. You will have the ability to quickly trace the pallet and view additional information about the product in case of an accident or loss.

The key challenge when it comes to wooden pallets made from bespoke wood is mass production. These innovations present many unique solutions that address issues in the supply chain. However, the financial savings for businesses are not significant enough to make a permanent switch to standard wooden pallets. These positive forecasts, along with another round of promising predictions for the wooden pallet, suggest that the standard wooden wooden pallet will be around forever!

History of Wooden Pallets

The history of wooden pallets shows that they have not changed much over the years. Today, however, there are real innovations happening. Innovators have introduced their own wooden pallets to the supply chain.

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These are some of the current features of smart pallets and custom pallets being used

Some of the key selling points of bespoke pallet innovations include increased durability, hygiene levels, and ease of repair.

Although these changes will not have an impact on the wooden pallet we all love, they can provide key benefits for organisations that have specific needs.

Wooden Pallet Costs

You can store your product / goods in a wooden pallets, whether you use new or recycle. Wooden pallets can made to your exact measured and specifications to fit your place. Recycle wooden pallets can be more save cost than new wooden pallet, but they still can be good quality standards.

High Quality

Standard pallets made by MYPALLETMARKET are guaranteed to meet the highest standards. The result is a pallet strong enough to carry heavy loads, but can also be used for transporting goods. They can carry many different weights and are lightweight. They are strong and built for maximum weather resistance. It resists chipping and does not expose workers to sharp edges or corners. It is therefore safer to use.

Wooden Pallet Supplier In Malaysia

MYPALLETMARKET Wooden Pallet Supplier Malaysia Production and new & Recycle Wooden Pallet, New & Recycle plastic pallets and Wooden crates. All over Malaysia. We aim to supply standard sizes as well as customized, high-quality pallets that meet the needs of our customers.

MYPALLETMARKET implemented a quality management system and an environmental management system that conforms to ISO 9001:2015. To meet the requirements of an export country, we can supply certified Heat-Treated ISPM15 Pallets. 

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