Benefits of smoke fans:


Smoke fans extract smoke and heat out of a building. In the event of a fire in a building, smoke fans secure the building by extracting out the heat and smoke. They also exhaust air with high temperatures in parking lots and tunnels. 

Areas of installation:

Smoke fans are installed in airports, shopping centers, cinemas, theatres, industrial buildings, parking lots, tunnels, etc. They are installed in an area that requires normal temperature ventilation and where temperature conditions are high. 

Further, smoke fans installed in car parks must be of good quality. They help to control the daily levels of pollutants in car parks. Carbon monoxide and other harmful gases must be within acceptable limits. This could be done by controlling the flow of fumes to smoke fans. 

Benefits of smoke fans:

Removal of toxic gases (in case of a fire):

As discussed earlier, smoke fans help to extract heat and smoke out of the building. It proves to be helpful in the event of a fire in a building. During a fire, many toxic gases are released. These include carbon monoxide that is produced from the combustion of wood and other cellulosic materials. Carbon monoxide is harmful to the human body as it results in the deprivation of oxygen for the heart, brain, and other essential organs. However, if a smoke exhaust fan is installed within the building it could get rid of these toxic gases. Thus, decreasing the damage as much as possible.

Removal of excess moisture:

Moving on, smoke fans can pull excess moisture from an area. This function is very beneficial if installed in bathrooms and kitchens. We all know areas like bathrooms and kitchens easily become suffocated. As a result, an increase in humidity leads to difficulty in breathing. Hence, these fans improve ventilation making the indoor air more comfortable. 

Protects walls and curtains:

As these fans help to remove smoke from within the house, tar does not accumulate on walls or curtains. It allows them to stay clean and fresh as they don’t get greasy and sticky. 

Getting rid of indoor odors:

Furthermore, these fans help in removing odors from the indoor air. As a result, the indoor air becomes more breathable. The cleaner the air, the more refreshed one would feel. 

Maintenance of indoor air quality:

Sometimes, the home’s indoor air can have a higher concentration of harmful chemicals and gasses compared to the outside air. According to the USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air is five times more polluted than outdoor air, and this can result in symptoms like fatigue, headaches, dizziness, or irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat. Hence, to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to have clean indoor air. The quickest and one of the most effective ways to kick out pollutants from indoor air is to use a smoke exhaust fan. 

Easy to maintain:

One of the benefits of smoke is that you don’t need to worry about its maintenance. Smoke fans are easy to maintain. Hence, they require less maintenance and also make your life easier!