Aviatrix – A New NFT Casino Game by Scorum

Aviatrix is an upcoming online game by the homonymous company. The new game has crash mechanics, but also unusual features that distinguish it from others in the genre, with the potential to change how people play games online.

The game has already received 2 Awards from prominent industry organizations such as ‘Unique Selling Point’ from Sigma Balkans and CIS as well as ‘Hackathon Winner’ of Binance Smart Chain.

Since Aviatrix Game has an NFT-based lifetime loyalty program, it is uncommon among other games.

NFT Aircrafts

In this game, each player has an aircraft which is non-fungible. NFTs have become increasingly popular because they’re attached to a blockchain with a unique ID, making them distinguishable from other NFTs. With the in-game marketplace, players will be able soon to trade their assets between operators.

NFT integration is designed so that it will not affect players who either are not interested or familiar with NFTs and blockchain technology.

Not only can you select the colour of your aircraft body and parts, but gamers also have a chance to participate in daily prize tournaments where they could win impressive prizes. They’re even able to watch other participants’ movements while playing in the background!

At Aviatrix, we use Artificial Intelligence solutions to analyze thousands of casino games and identify which features are most popular among players. We then embed those features in our product to provide the best possible gaming experience.

Aviatrix offers a gaming platform with the highest standards of security and integrity. All financial operations are performed by applicable laws and regulations, ensuring that all user data is safe from any kind of cyber-attack. Aviatrix meets the requirements for KYC/AML procedures to protect users’ funds and personal data.

How to Play the Aviatrix Game

If you are new to Aviatrix, don’t worry! There is already a comprehensive strategy guide available that will teach you everything you need to know about the features and gameplay mechanics.

The game will start as soon as the app is opened. The user will see a small corn plane take off from the airport and then will be able to make one or two bets while it’s flying.

If the aircraft falls during the tour, then the money game is over. The application provider only gives casino clients 5 seconds to adjust their strategy before immediately starting the next round and processing bets.

The final multiplier is added to the bet when the aircraft breaks away from the runway and begins the gambling game on-screen. However, visitors to the said club may be left with zero cash.

If a player on the online club’s official site doesn’t manage to place their bets before the ship crashes, their round will be considered unsuccessful. The Aviatrix software is based on an independent random number generator, making it difficult to predict ship behaviour. Plus, all crash games have unstable volatility.


Aviatrix NFT – an innovative blockchain-based game that promises to revolutionize online gaming! With its NFT integration, competitive tournaments, great graphics, and advanced AI technology, it’s sure to become one of the most popular games on the market. Join us now and experience the thrill of playing our new game!