Attention last minute shoppers: this is what to buy for your parents this Christmas

If you’re a last minute shopper, you’ve likely got a few things on your list and some of them are going to require money. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t find something for people who are close to you: maybe even your parents! Whether your mom or dad is celebrating their birthday this year or just wants to celebrate Christmas early, there are plenty of options out there for gifts that will make anyone’s day brighter. Here’s what I suggest:

A gift card.

Gift cards are a great way to let someone choose their own gift and are often underestimated. If you don’t know them well or want to give them a gift that can be used for anything, gift cards are an excellent option. They’re easy to buy and easy to ship (because all you need is the card itself), so it doesn’t matter if you live in another state or country from your family members!

Quality time with you.

Quality time with you.

This is a great gift to give your parents, especially if you live far away from them. You can do something fun together! Try going for a walk, having a picnic, or even having movie night with your mom and dad. They will love spending time with their youngest child. If you have siblings, this could also be an opportunity to bond with them as well! The best part about spending quality time with your parents is that it doesn’t cost anything at all (unless you need to buy snacks for the movie).

A charitable donation in their name.

Donating to a cause in your parents’ name is a great way to give them something they’ll use while also giving back. Choose a charity that is close to their heart, important to the world, important to you, or all three!

  • A charity that is close to their heart: If your parents are animal lovers or have some sort of connection with animals (maybe they’re on an annual trip as part of an organization), donate money in their name at an animal shelter or animal rescue organization. You can also think about something more abstract like donating money toward children’s education.
  • A charity that’s important to the world: Many people want a change after the election but don’t know where exactly this change needs to happen. Donations go toward improving our environment and helping communities globally by providing access clean water and medical care for those who need it most in places like Africa and India. These donations will make huge differences worldwide but also help out local organizations here at home too!
  • A charity that’s important just because it makes sense: This may seem silly but sometimes we just have these moments where everything seems right with the world and we feel happy inside even though nothing really happened except maybe waking up earlier than usual so maybe there’s something weird going on here…but anyway! We’re talking about Christmas gifts after all so back on topic! If we’re talking about charities then we’re talking about doing good things for others so choosing one based on how much meaning it has for us personally will help guide us through making sure everyone else feels special too.

You might want to buy jewelry, but think again.

While jewelry is often a favorite gift to give, it might not be what your parents want this year according to a new SoFi survey. The first reason is that most jewelry tends to be more expensive than other gift ideas and can have a wide range of prices depending on the quality and what type of jewelry you’re looking for. Because of this, it can be difficult knowing how much money you should spend on each person in your family who has their own personal taste in style and preference. If they do receive something they don’t like or isn’t within their budget, there’s also the possibility that they could lose it or forget where they put it when moving homes down the road.

Something they can use together, like a trip or tickets to a show.

If you want to give your parents something they can enjoy together, consider a trip or tickets to a show. The bonus here is that you don’t have to worry about whether or not the gift is within their physical limitations—they’re going with each other!

As far as choosing the destination, there are plenty of options from which to choose. If they like adventure travel, then consider taking them somewhere they’ve never been before: maybe an exotic island or an exotic country like India or Thailand? If they’re more into staying closer to home but still love exploring new places, perhaps explore their own backyard and take them on an antique hunting tour of America’s Midwest (or some other region). It all depends on what kind of traveler they are and what they enjoy most when traveling.

Something that reminds them of their childhoods.

If you’re stumped, there are a few options that are sure to bring back some good memories. A book, movie or video game from their youth is a classic and safe bet. If your dad is still single-digit in age then he probably still has his old Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) or some other gaming system with cartridges laying around his house somewhere. What about something more tangible? Perhaps an old toy they had as children but couldn’t afford because its price tag was way too high for their parents’ budget at the time? This can bring back fond memories because it brings up feelings of longing for an item that they really wanted but didn’t get because mom and dad said no due to financial reasons!

There are many great gifts out there that don’t cost money and will mean more than just another thing to put on the shelf. The best gift is not necessarily the one with the most expensive price tag, but rather, the one that comes from your heart.

The thought behind a gift is more important than what you give someone. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go out of your way to get them something nice; it just means that money isn’t everything in this world.