Are Vancouver Same Day Weed Delivery Services Legal?

As of October 17, 2018, the Canadian patrons of cannabis have finally beamed and have legalized the use of non-medical marijuana in the whole country. Ever since this date, the regulations in other provinces have substantially improved.

For this reason, we can talk about googling, say, “Weed Delivery Vancouver,” and being completely sure that you can get weed delivered to you in Vancouver on the same day, without any consequences.

Numerous dispensaries in Vancouver are taking advantage of this event that took place in 2018. They strive to produce the best CBD products, improve their customer service, and satisfy the needs of numerous customers locally.

This type of service is perfect for those who wish to keep a low profile and avoid going to actual stores. However, the story is a little bit more complex. Even though it’s all legal, some precautions still need to be taken by both the buyers and the sellers. 

Can I legally get weed delivered to me on the same day in Vancouver?

Yes, you can, as we’ve elaborated in the introduction, but you need to consider the following. The legal age for using weed recreationally is 19-years-old. Anyone who is a minor is not allowed to sell or buy CBD products. Once caught, they can receive various offenses.

Next, you have to consider the overall allowed possession of cannabis. The amount you can carry in public spaces is limited to no more than 30 grams. Smoking weed in any public place or using it in a vehicle is considered illegal.

Shops in Vancouver are authorized to sell weed and other canna products if they have acquired a license from the government. Therefore, check whether your seller has one. The Cannabis Act has to be abided by to get weed delivered to you in Canada without any consequences.

What is a reliable weed delivery source?

Every online dispensary offers numerous different marijuana strains. They all have different levels of CBD and THC in them, including the beneficial CBD oil. You, as a customer, have to make sure that your dispensary has enough options and that they are of the highest quality.

Never opt for quantity instead of quality. When you pay good money for smaller amounts, you are more likely to get only the most refined product. Some dispensaries tend to tamper with the products to gain quantity, but what you get in the end will not be genuine.

It’s also essential that the staff of your online dispensary is educated and has in-depth knowledge about cannabis. They are the ones that should understand all possible effects that a particular strain will have on you.

If a dispensary has little knowledge about cannabis, what they sell may turn out to be inappropriate products. More importantly, you always have to read their online reviews on that dispensary’s official website and social media.

The reviews are the best way to find out what others think about that dispensary and their experiences with the products purchased there. Last but not least, check whether the customer service of a dispensary in question is available 24/7. That’s crucial for your convenience.  

Before purchasing weed online, I should 

Understanding your medical condition before purchasing any canna or hemp product online is an inevitable step to safe weed consumption. It is the first and most crucial step to take. Otherwise, you may witness some unpleasant sensations and impacts on your health.

Some hemp products can help alleviate chronic and acute pain, decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression, or help solve temper issues. Some sort of impact of weed on health is inevitable. 

Therefore, what every individual should do before using any CBD or THC product is consulting a doctor. Many online dispensaries will state that you shouldn’t use their products if you are operating a vehicle, pregnant, or nursing.

Moreover, they will state that none of their products are intended for curing, preventing, or treating any disease. When you are using any prescribed medication – canna and hemp products are not for you.

Because of all the precautions mentioned above, never be too lazy to do your research beforehand, talk with a doctor, and make sure that your body is ready for CBD or THC intake. 

The wrap-up

We hope that you now have one less worry on your chart. You needn’t worry whether ordering weed and having it delivered to you on the same day in Vancouver is legal – it is. However, always keep your eyes open and think about the precautions we have mentioned as crucial.

Talking to a doctor before ordering weed online is crucial. Also, doing thorough research on the best possible online dispensaries out there should never be neglected. If you search longer – you’ll get better products. It’s that simple.