Are There Any Whales in the Gambling World?

Whale gambling and high rolling are common to all casinos, more than one can imagine. Whales, also called cheetahs, may seem rare in gambling, but these gamblers keep the casinos running. They also receive special treatment from casino brands like NZ Casino Deps to keep them invested in staking huge amounts of money every day. 

Yet, these whales are different from high stakes or high rollers. In this article, we’ll see what whale gambling is and how to identify them and differentiate them from high rollers. 

What is Whale Gambling?

Whale gambling has many definitions, the shortest being gambling involving “staking huge amounts of money regularly”. They are characterized by their excessive and unstoppable gambling habits. 

These whale gamblers can spend up to millions in one night on b2y, sometimes in one sitting, attracting the attention of crowds and the casino itself. These gamblers mostly have abundant finances, sufficient bankroll, and are experienced gamblers with appropriate game knowledge. 

Why do Casinos need Whales? 

Casinos can be seen catering to whales to attract their attention and interest in the game. Casinos first check whether the gambler can afford to pay the bills or not or if they have sufficient not to incur debts. 

After they have confirmed their status and their positions cleared, the whales get to experience privileges like VIP accommodation, quality transport, and free service in the casinos. The whales are allowed to wager and win large amounts of money so they come back for more and keep betting more on games. This profits the casinos in the long run.  

How to Identify Whales? 

You may think that a whale is the same as a high roller but there is a marker between these two types of gamblers that differentiates them. A high roller wagers large sums of money but controls their spending. Whales have no reserve or control, and they continue to wager huge sums recklessly. They have specified games, strategies, and betting methods that allow casinos to mark them out from regular gamblers. 

Whales are mostly found in VIP tables, tournaments, high roller casino tables, and in games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, slots, craps. They are found near high stake tables or small, closed groups, which can at times be accessed only through invitation. Apart from land-based casino tournaments, they can also be found in domestic and international casinos and also online casinos. 

Their strategy includes massive bets meant to faze other players to get them back off from the game, sometimes leading to casinos bankruptcy. Often these whales wager amounts and win money beyond what casinos can afford, making it difficult for casinos to repay the debt, causing them substantial losses or bankruptcy. They are also known to place maximum bets, side wagers and are the ones to throw players off the game. Whale gamblers are usually wealthy people who can afford to blow millions in a single night. 

Another feature common to whales is an obsession. Obsession is a sure sign of compulsive gambling, and it is familiar to all whale gamblers. The lack of control can easily cause millionaires to ruin themselves and lose out all wealth in a sitting. Often, losing big bucks can lead to criminality, and these whales can easily end up being tagged as convicted criminals. Hence, whale gamblers need to be very careful as to not end up in jail.

How to not Become a Losing Whale Gambler? 

To avoid becoming a losing whale gambler, one needs to understand the concept of whale gambling first. The unpredictability of gambling needs to be taken into account before making money strategies to wager massive amounts. Exercising control over betting can also help cut down the amount being spent in games. Quitting at the right moment and calculating risks at the right time can easily prevent losses. 

Whale gamblers can seek to cut down excessive spending by betting on low stakes instead of high ones. Low stakes are more profitable to both the gamblers and the casinos, where wagering small sums can reduce the chances of loss upon not winning the game. Casinos also function better when smaller amounts are wagered, facilitating the regular circulation of money in the system. 

It also reduces the chances of bankruptcy on the part of the casinos. Low stakes can also be helpful if one suffers from compulsive gambling. Apart from low staking, honing gambling skills help prevent suffering losses. Knowing your opponent and the hand you are playing is also necessary to win games.