Are Online Casinos Honest?

The honesty of casinos is something that has been disputed by players since casinos were first opened. It’s mainly due to the lack of understanding that players have of how statistics are applied to casino games. Many approach them with a level of naivety, which then translates into anger if they lose. We look at whether online casinos are honest, and if you should take the plunge and trust them. 

Honest Online Casinos

The first thing that you should understand, is that the vast majority of online casinos are completely honest. The main thing to do when trying to find an online casino, is to carry out the appropriate research. This is best done through an online portal, which holds online casino reviews. You might be wondering where to find these, but we have done our research, and you can find honest online gaming here. This will allow you to discover where the best and most trustworthy sites are. 

What is it that makes an online casino trustworthy though? One of the biggest things to look for, is regulation. If there is solid regulation in place, then you can feel relatively confident that the site you want to play at, is a trustworthy one. Casino regulators make sure that the site adheres to a number of different legislations, and from there, it gives players a layer of protection. 

Many online casinos have regulation, and this ensures that they remain honest. However, there are some things that you must be aware of when it comes to honesty.

Does Honesty Mean I will Win?

This is where many players trip up when they talk about honest online casinos. They think that because they have lost, the online casino hasn’t been honest. This isn’t how things work, and it causes many players to feel unfairly treated. 

The actual facts of the matter, are that all casino games have what is known as a house edge. This is basically a small percentage that is in the favour of the online casino when players play. So, a standard video slot game might have a house edge of around 3%. This means that players will lose 3% of their stake on average when playing this game. 

This is what tricks players, they see that a game offers a 97% return to player rate, and they think this means a 97% chance of winning. What it actually means, is that it will give players 97% of their money back on average. 

The fact that this is an average, is also where the confusion lies. If 100 players all wager $1 on a single spin of this video slot, it basically means that 1 player will win $97, and the other 99 players will walk away with nothing. This is what causes players to feel that the online casino isn’t being honest. 

Can you Mitigate the House Edge?

There are ways to shorten the house edge on some games. Both Blackjack and Video Poker give players the chance to decrease the house edge slightly. However, this still doesn’t guarantee a win. It’s important to remember that these are games of chance. So, you will never be able to guarantee a win, even if your skill at a game makes it more likely. 

This is why players should be aware when playing at online casinos, that if they lose money, it’s nothing to do with the casino not being honest. It’s because they haven’t fully understood how the fairness of the game works. By being aware of what the stats associated with games actually means, it gives you a better understanding of how the games work. This will, in turn, allow you to increase your chances of winning by betting in a more sensible manner. 

While you will never be able to guarantee a win at an online casino, by playing at an honest site, and betting sensibly, you can make it more likely to happen. If you play games that allow you to decrease the house edge, then you can mitigate for the house edge slightly.