Angel Numbers for Beginners: 10 Things You Should Know

So what exactly are angel numbers? These are number sequences – typically consisting of three or four repeating numbers or number patterns – as in the case of 222, 444, 777 or 888. 

These are also sequences and patterns that tend to appear and reappear in different and seemingly random places 

Take for example those moments when you always happen to look at your clock and see 5:55 p.m., or when you are driving on the highway and are immediately behind a vehicle with a 222 on the license plate. 

This is a clear example of an angel number. As a result, many people believe that when they see an angel number, it is likely God, the divine and universe is speaking with you.

While these numbers might only seem to be numbers with no meaning at all, they are special and should be grabbing your attention and evoking a sense of wonder because they have many (and a variety) of meanings attached to them. 

These number sequences are special because they are important symbols (from your angels, guides, ancestors, spirits, or higher consciousness) that contain messages that you likely need to know at the very time they appear. 

These messages are often ones that contain insight, wisdom, and directionality. In some cases, these numbers are a confirmation that you are on the right path or an affirmation of your consciousness, and in other cases, these numbers may alert you that change is on the way or to some insight that you need to navigate a complicated situation. 

Regardless of the number and its meaning, these numbers contain powerful and mystical meanings that help you gain clarity and get in touch with your spirituality. 


To see the number zero in a sequence or pattern means that the spirit world or universe is trying to tell you that new opportunities, a new cycle, and a fresh start are on their way. 

The advice that comes with this number is to start making big and bold decisions to create whatever your heart desires.


To see this number sequence means that the universe is alerting you to the power of manifestation and that you have been given the “green light.” In response you should set an intention and begin planting seeds as you are supported by your angels, guides, and ancestors on this journey.


To see this particular sequence entails that someone in the physical or spiritual domain wants you to know that you should live with more balance, trust, and alignment. 

To do so may mean that you will have to tap into the assistance of your most trusted companion and divine collaboration.


When you see this number sequence, know that the universe is alerting you to the power of magnetic creativity. 

You should know that the universe wants you to add your unique, innate and creative talents and gifts to the world. 

By doing so you will find more value and abundance in your life. So don’t hesitate – move with assurance that you should be expressing yourself creatively.


To see this sequence means that the universe is telling you to strive for stabilization, grounding, rooting, and cultivating in your life. To do so – that is, to establish this kind of infrastructure in your life – will help propel you forward. 

The universe is also prepared to support you in this endeavor if you ask for help or assistance – especially in cases where you will be navigating long-term projects that require very particular expertise.


If you see the 555 angel number sequence, you are being alerted by the universe that you will soon be emerging from a feeling of being stuck and stifled. 

Instead, you will begin experiencing major changes in your life that are aided on by those acting behind-the-scenes. 

These decision makers want you to know that you are on the right path, though they may be taking their time because they are still weighing their options about some particular details.


If you are seeing this sequence, do not immediately rush to worry. Historically, this number (especially in this specific triplet) has been associated with the Devil or demon figures. 

However, when you see it as an angel number, it is a different message. In this case, the universe is sending you a message of support, compassion, and empathy – it wants you to know that you should be treating yourself with these qualities because even if things are currently not going as you would like them to, everything happens for a reason.


To see the particular sequence means that you can expect luck and good fortune — especially in the way of finances and new monetary opportunities. 

As a result, try to stretch out of your comfort zone and explore your possibilities. These new elements of good financial fortune might include lucrative gigs or consistent income streams.


To see this number sequence means that the universe is letting you know of a powerful connection to the spiritual universe – especially the afterlife. 

This sequence might be an indication that you are receiving supernatural support from loved ones who have since passed. It is also a number that symbolizes infinity and the notion of transcending any singular lifetime.


Finally, to see this sequence is an indication that a meaningful chapter in your current life may be coming to a close and you will soon be starting a new journey. 

To move successfully into this new era, the universe wants you to know that you should step outside of your comfort zone as the universe is in full support of your choices and the new directions that are about to emerge.