An ESBC update: Wilder, eWBC World Championships, and what comes next…

Anticipation and excitement across the Esports Boxing Club (ESBC) community is at an all-time high this week after the confirmation of yet another heavy-hitter joining the roster. 

It seems Steel City Interactive, the Sheffield-based developers behind the Esports Boxing Club, are doing a grand job at building momentum, managing to provide update after update that packs a punch. 

Wilder sets the Esports Boxing Club Twitter alight

ESBC Twitter followers were the first to witness the cross-platform boxing game’s latest news, leaving them knocked for six after Steel City Interactive revealed former WBC heavyweight champion of the world Deontay Wilder would be the next superstar joining the ranks. 

Currently, the fan-favorite joins a roster featuring Canelo, Fury, and 97 other licensed boxers. However, after ESBC’s late September update, we can be sure that plenty more will be added as each online season passes. Not only does the game currently hold the most expansive selection of boxing professionals on its books, but it also offers players the ability to create their own fighter or play as a boxing legend.

New features unveiled

After the initial setback and postponement of the proposed Summer release, the Esports Boxing Club community has been gifted with a glimmer of hope that an official release date would soon be on the horizon. 

When visiting ESBC’s FAQ page, the site clearly states, “The official launch date has not been finalized however we are balancing the community’s desire for a boxing game with making sure that we deliver the best possible experience.” If the latest significant update from Steel City Interactive was anything to go by, then players are in for a treat.

September’s update provided a real insight into the behind-the-scenes of the cross-platform game, highlighting advancements in boxer movement, improvement in visuals, scan and sculpting courtesy of Ten24, as well as real-life commentary from BT Sports own Paul Dempsey and Sky Sports’ Johnny Nelson. 

Alongside the additions of Fury and Wilder, Steel City Interactive has also incorporated a comprehensive create-your-own fighter, cut man, judge, trainer, and promoter feature to the ESBC game. Your created boxer can unlock characteristics and movements throughout career mode and will be available to use across online matches and tournaments. Current development plans suggest that the first to trial the complete Esports Boxing Club experience will be via Early Access on Steam. 

[Image of Katie Taylor from Esports Boxing Club Twitter]

What’s next for Steel City Interactive and Esports Boxing Club? 

Steel City International may only have 19 members, but we are pleased to see them keeping their fans fully updated across various online channels. Aside from the obvious release of more superstars to its roster, players can expect to see a confirmed release date, an update to the season’s model, bugs fixed across the online multiplayer experience, and plenty more in the coming months.

The online gaming community has grown significantly in popularity over recent years, with CS:GO and League of Legends leading the way. However, if ESBC’s discord is anything to go by, we may well be reviewing Esports’ next big thing. 

So, the big question – How long until bettors can begin to back the underdog and watch as the top Esports Boxing Club players battle it out to be crowned the new eWBC World Champion? 

Well, there are seven belts currently up for grabs across the XBOX One, XBOX One Series S/X, PS4, and PS5 Esports Boxing Club game, with the intention of introducing online exhibition matches, a ranked online leaderboard, and a licensed eWorld Championship backed by the WBC and Ring Magazine. 

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