All you need to know about Metarun Token

Whenever a player has to sustain the entire ecosystem of Metarun, he has to consider $MRUN as one of the central pillars. While the Metarun Token uses the token standard of the Binance smart chain, OPAL is nothing but a virtual currency the player can use to exchange with $MRUN.

So, in this article, let’s check out more about the utility of $MRUN and its token economics. This article will also cover more about the token allocation and its release schedule. As of 12th August 2022, the P2E coin price is $0.04778342, with an estimate of a 0.7% drop. 

When can you use the Metarun Token in the game’s environment?

There are many situations during which you can utilize $MRUN. So, if you’re wondering how to use the token, let’s go through instances in which you can use it.

  • When you wish to be a direct beneficiary of the OPAL utility, you can use $MRUN and later convert it into the in-game currency, OPAL. Moreover, you will need sufficient Metarun Tokens to upgrade characters, enhance the active or passive abilities, or the visual level of a particular skin.
  • Once you consider upgrading the characters within the game, you must mint them and then sell them in the secondary market. But, when it’s time to upgrade the NFTs, you need a small fee for minting or selling. Such a kind of fee will be included in the Metarun Token.
  • If you want to buy in-game items and NFTs, you can easily purchase them through $MRUN. On the other hand, you can purchase or acquire a super NFT chest through the tokens. Once you gain the chest, you can earn one-time special rewards, artifacts, and more. 
  • When you are a Metarun token holder, it can increase your earning potential considerably. Besides, you can think of gaining more rewards depending on the number of tokens you hold. You can also increase the earnings when you’re busy playing battles in the PvP mode.
  • Soon after you have a good amount of $MRUN tokens, you can consider engaging in farming and staking pools. Once you’re a part of the pool, you can avail a reward percentage and gain an edge to involve yourself in farming $MRUN and rare NFTs.
  • As you get busy with the game, you can grab the battle passes through Metarun tokens. In addition, you can also purchase tickets for many events and tournaments with the help of $MRUN tokens. If you wish to form a clan or a team, you can later do it using $MRUN. 
  • Next, you can consider donating the $MRUN tokens to different creators. But, in such a situation, the creator will receive the tokens as a reward.

Apart from everything else, you can consider leasing a particular character using such tokens. However, when you pass on the ownership of the character to someone else, you can earn soft currency in return. 

What should you know about the $MRUN token economics?

As players try to thrive in the Metarun ecosystem, they must consider deflation along with decentralized minting. So, let’s take a quick look to know more about these terms. 

Conditional Decentralized Minting 

While you consider minting the tokens, the development fund will direct the tokens into a certain system. If the fund falls below 25%, additional minting will help restore the condition. In that case, minting will aid in replenishing the fund in small increments till it reaches 70%. A bit later, the platform will direct the tokens into the development fund, which the player can use for various purposes.

While some of the tokens will be used for project development, they can be distributed as rewards. Besides, the tokens will be added later to the treasury funds. But, as the project evolves in the future, decentralized minting is always likely to change. You also need to note that minting will stop once the supply reaches a maximum of 1 billion $MRUN tokens.

Regarding the vesting schedule, the token allocation for the ecosystem is only 15%. This percentage is quite more than the allocation you will observe with partnerships and advisors. However, the overall allocation for marketing purposes is slightly less, and it’s equal to 14%. On the contrary, the community sales allocation is not as big as you think.

How can a player or an individual buy a Metarun token?

As you plan to purchase the Metarun token, you will have to follow some steps. So, let’s go through the step in detail.

  • First and foremost, you will need to download a Binance wallet. If you’re playing Metarun on a desktop, you must download the Google Chrome Extension. But, if you’re using a mobile phone to play the game, you can look for the wallet on the Play Store and later download it on the device.
  • Next, you have to spend time setting up the Binance Wallet. In those instances, you will have to register online and set up the wallet. If you’re unaware of how to proceed, you can refer to the guide on the support web page. Later, you must ensure that you store the seed phrase at a secure location and note down the wallet address.
  • Soon after setting up the wallet, you have to log in to the respective account and go to the Buy & Sell web page. If you’re buying the BNB chain for the first time, you must follow the steps for making a purchase.
  • Once you have bought the BNB chain, you must navigate to the wallet section and check whether you have purchased the chain. Now, you must click ‘Withdraw,’ fill in the relevant details, and set the desired network. Afterward, you have to enter a certain amount, click on ‘Withdraw’ and wait for some time till the chain appears in the wallet.
  • Subsequently, you must select a suitable Decentralized Exchange (DEX) that will support the exchange. For instance, if you’re using a Binance wallet, you must use Pancake Swap for the transaction.
  • Towards the end, you have to connect the wallet and trade the BNB chain with the coin you want. However, if you don’t come across Metarun, you must seek the official smart contract address. Once you know the address, you must paste it into the Pancake Swap and click on ‘Swap.’


There are many ways in which you can use $MRUN within the environment. While you can use the token for upgrading the characters, you can also use it to boost the earning potential. But, when you wish to thrive in the ecosystem, you can consider conditional, decentralized minting.

Consequently, you can purchase the tokens after you set up the Binance Wallet, buy the BNB chain and choose an appropriate exchange. Ultimately, you have to apply a swap in Pancake swap to obtain the Metarun tokens.