All In Solutions Opiate Treatment Programs

Drug addiction is an alarming scenario for quite some time. Different drugs lead to several complications and medical conditions based on their reactive nature. The problem is not just about addiction but the after-effects from it too. So, rehab centers usually design the treatment as per the drug’s effects. 

One such highly addictive drug with potential damages is the opiate. Similar to heroin, this drug also comes from the poppy plants. It has adverse effects and requires timely care and attention. Looking for an opiate recovery center? Read and know more about All In Solutions rehab center and its versatile programs for treatment. 

All In Solutions Rehab Center: 

As mentioned above, opiates are one extremely addictive drug and lead to serious damages to the persons consuming them. If you are reading this, you might be looking for a rehab center for your loved ones to go through  withdrawal from subutex. All In Solutions is one best opiate addiction treatment centers with branches in New Jersey and Florida. Here is a peek into this rehab center and its exceptional work towards treating opiate addicts. 

Before we proceed with the opioid treatment program from All In Solutions, here is a quick brief about what is opioid addiction. 

What is Opioid Addiction? 

Opiates are derived from the poppy plants, as mentioned above. The opium from these plants has addictive properties and is generally used as a part of narcotic prescription medications. The intake should only be as per the instructions of a medical practitioner. But the opiate issue is quite prevalent in the USA and often happens illegally. 

How does it affect the body? 

Opiates are generally linked to the natural opioid receptors of the body. These are known to manipulate pain perceptions and cause euphoric sensations. These are what the consumer’s body craves. On the whole, opiate consumption affects the nervous system adversely. Its effects include: 

  • Brain stem that controls the automatic body rhythms like heart rate, breathe, sleep, etc. 
  • The spinal cord, which is responsible for transmitting these sensations throughout the body. 
  • The limbic system, responsible for the emotional and behavioral responses. 

Abusive consumption of opiates controls these areas of the brain and controls the consumer’s actions ultimately. 

Recovery Program from All In Solutions: 

Generally, every recovery program begins right after the client stops consuming the drug. The same applies to the opioid treatment program too. All In Solutions focus on the withdrawal symptoms in the first place. The following is a peek into the recovery program for opioid addiction. 

  1. Withdrawal Symptoms: 

Withdrawal symptoms appear between 48-76 hours of abruptly stopping opiate consumption. The neurological responses are harsh and immediate as the abuser stops the intake. Lack of the drug releases endorphins internally at an abnormal rate and causes these withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms end based on the frequency of the drug abuse. The following are some commonly found symptoms: 

  • Physical Symptoms – physical withdrawal symptoms include restless leg syndrome, insomnia, joint pains, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, vomiting, restlessness, and body aches. 
  • Psychological Symptoms – these include anxiety, distorted thinking, stress, lack of concentration, impulsiveness, psychosis, and irritability. 

This opiate recovery center addresses these symptoms through the proper dispensation of several drugs that can minimize the physical withdrawal sensations. It uses licensed medications for opiate detoxification. Moreover, these medications are prescribed only by a practitioner after thoroughly examining the person physically. This is just the beginning of the advanced care offered by All In Solutions. 

  1. Opiate Detoxification: 

Opiate detoxification at All In Solutionsis carried out with different drugs used by licensed drug addiction treatment centers. The prescriptions and dosage are personally monitored by licensed medical practitioners at the center. These experts suggest the drugs and the right dosage only after examining the patient. No person is given the drugs without a proper checkup. 

The team of practitioners constantly evaluates the patients throughout the process and ensures that they receive the right treatment. The behavioral health team of All In Solutions provides 24-hour assistance to help all the clients in the need of the hour. The team provides all the attention and care required by every patient and follows the detox program with a drug treatment program. 

  1. Drug Treatment Program: 

Post the detoxification, opiate abusers need additional help. This is available through the inpatient facility at All In Solutions. This facility helps create a clear mind and sober network when the abusers return to their home environment. This step also focuses on minimizing the relapse chances of opiate addiction. 

This rehab center follows a case-by-case approach and considers every client’s needs throughout the process. The treatment includes complex therapies, recreational activities, and 12-step programs. These are customized based on the patient’s needs and requirements, as mentioned above. Some programs that are a part of the opiate treatment are: 

  • Individual and group sessions 
  • Recreational activities 
  • 12-step programs 
  • Spiritual activities (if needed) and a lot more. 

These are just some of the several techniques used by All In Solutions to address opiate abuse. This rehab center is known to provide the most feasible and effective solutions that help abusers recover completely. 

Other Programs from All In Solutions: 

All In Solutions counseling center provides several other treatment programs apart from opioid treatment. Some of them are: 

  • Alcohol addiction 
  • Cocaine and meth addiction 
  • Heroin drug addiction, etc. 

This rehab incorporates an evidence-based approach to help people recover from their addictions. There are several programs and sessions from this rehab as a part of the treatment. Family programs, day and evening programs, intensive outpatient services, individual and group sessions, spiritual programs, etc., are a part of different treatments provided by this counseling center. All In Solutions is one of the best opiate addiction treatment centers with an excellent environment and remarkable team. 

A much-needed mention here is the team handling the clients. These people are extremely helpful and strive towards curing every patient’s addiction. Apart from taking care of their clients in the rehab, this team also focuses on aftercare through its alumni packages. This ensures that there is no relapse in any treatment. What more do we need!