All About Bob Eco’s African Electric Motorbikes

As far as electric motorcycles are concerned, the new standard that remains unbeatable has been set by Bob Eco in the way it has been designed and adapted to deliver environmental benefits and suit human needs and potentials. These motorcycles focus on three important things, which are performance, functionality, and affordability. 

Model X is designed for developing countries and is expected to be dedicated to commercial use. It hinges on protecting the rider and ensuring safety on African roads.

Model X Gen2 can be charged from a solar system or grid using renewable energy, so it has zero emissions. The electric motor is without fumes and sound.

Features of Bob Model X Gen2

  • Great Performance

The engine of Model X Gen2 has instant torque that outputs the power once you accelerate, ensuring speed and power levels for riding on and off-road or city.

With no gears or clutch, the motorcycle is more intuitive to ride. However, there are safety features put in place, as well as a central braking system to protect riders from road risks.

Less experienced riders will love model X because it is easy to learn.

  • Cost-Efficient

Bob Model X Gen2 is a fully electric motorcycle, with no need for fuel or oil, and no need for other equipment like filters, spark plugs, belts, or even clutches. The absence of these things brings the maintenance cost of this motorcycle next to nothing. Riders only have to focus on the electric engine, and that’s all.

  • Localization

This motorcycle is designed and developed in a way that meets the needs of developing countries and can be optimized to suit whatever country it is being used.

With all the necessary utilities such as the compact onboard computers and an operating system that is the first in the world to think about the needs of the rider, the Bob Model X Gen2 can be localized easily.

  • Battery swapping

Bob Eco is leading the transition towards cleaner electric fuel across several countries, which is seen in the presence of Bob Swapping Network which features Bob swapping stations as well as smart, swappable, batteries with full efficiency.

All Bob-engineered swappable batteries all accessible to all riders, enhanced by software, and future-proof.

About Bob Eco Ltd

Bob Eco Ltd. is a Hong Kong-based company that engages in the production of electric vehicles and clean energy and is driven by a mission to stimulate the transition of vehicles in Africa and other developing markets to sustainable energy.

Bob Eco Ltd is a full-service company that delivers energy solutions and electric vehicles worldwide. The subsidiaries of Bob Eco Ltd include Bobmobile, Bob Eco, Bobsolar, Bobrental, Bobshop, Bobx, etc.

Bobsolar focuses on using solar energy to help save costs and improve the sustainability of the home. Bobsolar will start operations in Spain, Senegal and South Africa in Q3 202.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the range of the Model X Gen2 motorcycle?

The motorcycle has a range of 150 km divided by 2 batteries on the bike. Note that tyre pressure, acceleration rate, and terrain can affect the range.

How to charge this motorcycle?

You can charge the Model X Gen2 by using a portable AC charger or by swapping a low battery with a charged one. It takes 2 hours to charge each battery to 90%.

Where can you charge?

You can use any external 110/220V AC socket with your portable charger.

What is the highest speed?

The standard is 85 km/h. But you’ll find several Model X Gen2 editions such as 45, 90 and 110 km/h.