Accelerate Your UK House Move With A Lender Approved Home Buyer Conveyancer

The Coronavirus has made city dwellers and all Homeowners think about where they want to live next. First Time Buyers are making a decision to move to a property that has a garden and the space to have a home office. With this in mind some First time Buyers have made a decision to move taking advantage of the Stamp Duty land Tax holiday.

Comparison Websites Used To Establish The Cost Of Conveyancing

Moving house is a big deal for most and for First Time Buyers It can be a minefield. The unknown is worrying and costs can soon spiral out of control. The forward thinking First Time Buyers use a moving checklist and cost out each stage of the process. In doing so they find the best professionals at arms length, that provide upfront, the true costs involved. Using comparison websites is a fantastic way to get to understand the costs involved when moving to a new home.

Two types of comparisons website. The first where you can take your time comparing costs without disclosing your personal details and the second where you have to enter your personal details before you can compare. 

Why Have Different Comparison websites?

The first website lets you browse at your leisure and the owners are happy to provide as much information as possible, so that you can make an informed decision on who to use and importantly helps you to budget without receiving unexpected calls or emails. You make the choice within your timeframe and you are firmly in the driving seat.

The second type of website passes your date to third party companies and they contact you directly wanting your business. For example you could be looking for a Conveyancer. The website that wants your personal details upfront will pass your information to say 5 Conveyancers. They in turn will call you and email you and you will soon be bombarded with calls and emails. You will however find it hard to make the right choice unless you print off all the quotes you have and study them all to decide who you want use. The chances are you will get a call from a solicitor that you may not want to hear from.

Be in the driving seat and budget from the outset before you decide to choose your professional.

Some Comparison Websites Making Promises That They Can Keep

So many UK websites promise the earth and it’s in the small print where you can win. No one likes to hear about a failed transaction but the numbers are on the up of people pulling out of deals. With the supply of property at an all time low, house prices in the UK are on the up and when properties do come on the market they are sold to Buyers that can demonstrate they can move fast. They have taken the trouble to get their ducks in a row.

We did our Homework and found the Homebuyer Conveyancing website. Their direct High Street Solicitor purchase conveyancing quotes include a savvy search pledge. If the property fails to transact, then another set of property searches are provided for Free up to a value of £300. Quite simply you can make an important informed conveyancing best fit choice for your UK property deal in seconds. Filtering results by cheapest price, location and by approved mortgage Lender.

Find Trusted Comparison Websites

The internet is a great place to find trusted comparison websites. The key is to do a little digging to establish the type of firms that they showcase. Typically a good firm will have a mix of good and bad google reviews. Watch out for websites that show only good reviews. The chances are the bad reviews are being filtered out. In conveyancing when demand for a fast exchange is top priority you will find some people where it just didn’t work out for them. They were probably in a property chain where some Sellers and Buyers just started the process without having a solicitor in place. 

Get Your House In Order

It is imperative that when you make an offer on a property that you establish the true position of the Seller. They can say they want to move fast but are they ready to. When you place a property on the market for sale you should have in place a Solicitor and all the ID checks on you should be sorted before you take offers. The Buyer must demonstrate the same focus and they should have a Solicitor in place before offers are accepted. The Buyer and Seller exchange Solicitor details at the offer stage. So many times incorrect details are swapped and before we know it weeks have passed and the move is already falling behind.

Do Estate Agents Hold Back Passing Solicitor Details Until A Survey Has Been Actioned?

You make an offer to the Estate Agent and they duly pass on the terms to their vendor Client.

The offer is accepted. Great news! You pass on your Solicitor details to the Estate Agent. You expect them to forward the details to their Vendor Solicitor. Some Estate Agents do not pass this crucial information on until you have sourced a Surveyor and the the survey has taken place and all is good to go. Now this pause has delayed your conveyance by at least 2 weeks. It also opens the door for other Buyers to also consider out bidding your offer. 

When you make an offer on a property it is “subject to survey”. You should be exchanging Solicitor details and ensuring that a fast exchange is possible and on the cards to happen. Under UK law an offer is only binding when you exchange contracts. That can take weeks and months. 

Reduce the risk of a failed transaction and plan ahead your move before you take steps to view properties. Understand the total sum of all professionals and do get upfront, a fixed fee quote.

Enjoy your move and be in the driving seat using helpful Comparison websites that allow you to compare like for like costs.