8 Most Expensive Premier League Transfers

The Premier League is undoubtedly the richest soccer league in the world. It has rich sponsors, corporations, and expensive deals for Premier League live football streaming. And some of the richest soccer clubs in the world. The Premier League is always at the top ranks of the highest soccer live streams.

But that is not the only hot topic about the Premier League. The Premier League is also known for its high-spending on-player recruits. Every season comes with an astonishing number of spending for recruits. For example, £1.3 billion was spent on only recruits in the last summer of the Premier League.

It brings us to the question of who enjoyed the most expensive transfer in the history of the Premier League?

8 Most Expensive Premier League Transfers

Premier League transfers always grab the fans’ attention more than any other sports. If you are interested, then here are 8 of the most expensive Premier League transfers.

1. Jack Grealish- £100m (Aston Villa to Manchester City)

Jack Grealish is a fan favorite of Aston Villa. He had been playing in Aston Villa all his life. Departing from Aston Villa was a massive deal for Jack Grealish. 

He was always a subject of interest. He is indeed amongst the most exciting players in the Premier League. He has secured the spot of the third-highest tally of assists.

Grealish’s potential transfer price had risen during the Euros. Manchester City and Manchester United showed interest in him, but Manchester City took the effort in the end.

His transfer price was £100m.

2. Romelu Lukaku- £96m (Inter to Chelsea)

Romelu Lukaku is a great striker. He started his career with Anderlecht and then to Chelsea. He eventually climbed the ladder and moved to West Brom, Everton, and Manchester United. Then he was sold to Inter for £75m.

Finally, Romelu Lukaku returned to Chelsea in 2021 for £96m. This transfer to Chelsea is the second most expensive transfer in the history of the Premier League.

3. Romelu Lukaku- £90m (Everton to Manchester United)

Here we have Lukaku in the most expensive Premier League transfers again. In 2019, Romelu Lukaku was transferred to Manchester United for £90m (£75m+ eventual £15m).

Fans felt that his time in Manchester United was not his best. It was noticeable on live tv soccer that Romelu Lukaku was not getting the proper cooperation he needed from his teammates. Later, after joining Inter, Lukaku admitted that he felt Manchester United scapegoated him.

4. Paul Pogba- £89.3m (Juventus to Manchester United)

Paul Pogba’s return to Manchester United in 2016 was the most expensive transfer. I was a widely publicized comeback and a frenzy in the social media with #POGBACK.

But fans are frustrated with his performance compared to the money spent on him.

Paul Pogba is not a bad player. He does play very well for France. But for Manchester United, something seems to hinder his performance on the field. Some say that it is because of his placement in the field by Manchester United.

5. Harry Maguire- £80m (Leicester City to Manchester United)

Harry Maguire’s transfer to Manchester United for £80m at the time would seem a little overrated. But over time, Harry Maguire has proven himself as one of the best soccer players worthy of the prize.

He has become one of the most potent showcases in Manchester United’s defense side. He is also an icon of England’s talent in the European championship.

Harry Maguire’s current contact with Manchester made him the permanent captain for five years(From 2019).

6. Kai Havertz- £75.8m (Bayer Leverkusen to Chelsea)

Paying £75.8m for a 21-year-old (at the time of the deal) soccer player may seem like a long catch. But this 21-year-old Havertz has attracted the interest of many top soccer clubs.

Was the £75.8m deal worth it, though? It sure was.

Kai Havertz was the only player to score the only goal for Chelsea in the Champions League Final. Because of his goal, Chelsea won the final and brought back the trophy at home. Whether he is worth £75.8m or not, it doesn’t matter. Because according to the owner of Chelsea, it was a money-well-spent deal.

7. Virgil Van Dijk- £74.2m (Southampton to Liverpool)

Virgil Van Dijk’s signing to Liverpool was money well spent. He brought significant improvement to the defense side of Liverpool. He completely changed the face of the club after joining. Six months after his joining, he has made Liverpool enter the Champions League final.

The following year, Liverpool won the final thanks to the effort made by Virgil Van Dijk. It is undoubtedly a money-well-spent deal.

8. Jadon Sancho- £73m (Dortmund to Manchester United)

Jadon Sancho served as the final puzzle piece of Manchester United’s right attack wing. The 21-year-old had been in the eye of Manchester United’s interest for a year. They could not get him in Summer 2020 but managed to get him this year for £73m.

Jadon Sancho’s price tag once rose to £100m. But due to the financial vulnerability of Dortmund, the negotiated price was £73m. But for a 21-year-old, £73m is quite a significant amount.


So, these are the top 8 expensive transfers in the history of the Premier League to this date. If you are interested in catching their action in the upcoming Premier League, you can try Rojadirecta. It is an excellent place for enjoying live tv soccer.