7 tips keep in mind before starting weed delivery in Winnipeg

Winnipeg is a city in Manitoba, Canada. On 27 October 2018 the use of cannabis became legal all over Canada. Canada is the second country which has legalised weed delivery for recreational and medicinal uses under the cannabis act introduced by prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau’s.

Adults more than 19 years of age can now consume cannabis products.

The Cannabis Act established the law for culture, dispersal, sale, consumption and weed delivery in Winnipeg. After legalisation of weed in Winnipeg, it was only legal to purchase cannabis through an online method but from December 2018, the government announced private licences for dispensaries or stores for weed delivery in Winnipeg. 

7 Tips to Start Weed Delivery in Winnipeg

With the legalization of weed all over Canada the retailers are evolving new commercial ideas like weed delivery in Winnipeg, it’s a great idea for those stores or dispensaries that are situated in a less opportune location or have a limited storefront in the dispensaries. 

1. Evolve a delivery strategy-

Developing a dispensary delivery strategy is directly related to thoughtful processing and taking basic steps that will help you to start a weed delivery business. For that do research about the cannabis products and their legalisation in your city and legalisation of your dispensary. Legalisation laws vary from city to city and state to state.

Then, gather all the data related to the weed products and their storage, what are the profit margins of those products, would these profits be more than the actual cost related with their deliveries. Try to collect all the identities and customer demographic data to determine who your customers are and weather weed delivery is relevant for them. Weed delivery expands marketability to younger customers. People who are homebound, senior citizens are unable to utilize weed delivery, so these delivery systems attract more of these consumers as well. 

2. Set Borders On Your Delivery Areas-

Once you have decided how to manage your dispensary. The next step is to set the boundaries of weed delivery, choose the areas for delivery of cannabis products. Set the ideas to make it profitable, deliver weed products as far as and as wide as possible so that you have a chance to offer cannabis to the large area, search for the other nearby dispensaries area where they are located and where there is a chance for you to differentiate and it increases the competition with other sellers. But may consider other costs you will incur such as travel distance increase, gas, insurance, delivery staff and other expenses.

3. Choose Right Staff-  

Your delivery staff plays a major role in your cannabis business. So you must pick the best staff for weed delivery in Winnipeg. Your friendly staff will help you to maximize profit by making new customers. Delivery staff can help you manage delivery, provide positive customer experience, customer communication, management of data, driver tracking, menu updates, production reviews and promotion, order placement, order dispatch, order shipment, delivery details. 

4. Configure interior and layout-

Some recreational users hide their cannabis consumption from their family so they prefer consumption of cannabis in store rather than at home. So you must pay attention to the store layout as well. Create separate rows for picking up customers and payment areas. This will keep the dispensary systemic and may not cause a rush of people in the dispensary. Make some beautiful and pleasing sitting arrangement at the dispensary so that customers feel comfortable. 

5. Invest best delivery ideas –

Create a model for weed delivery, like separate the areas in batch and divide the delivery staff. Each batch delivers to different areas. What happened with this is, delivery on time to the customers and it will increase the amount of customers.

Choose dynamic delivery ideas, just like street food truck, juice truck offers making and delivery because cannabis delivery drivers are legally allowed to process and deliver on vehicle. Think about more ideas to enhance your cannabis business and weed delivery business. Try to hire punctual drivers that make delivery efficient and time-effective. Higher numbers of delivery and you will see a large number of returns in investment. Pay attention towards delivery drivers, which vehicle is used for delivery, advertisement of the brand of the product, GPS tracking which is most necessary. 

6. Pay attention towards license legalisation-

Most of the important things before starting weed delivery in Winnipeg, pay close attention towards the legalisation, license and documents. You should follow all important laws, rules and regulations. Talk to the lawyers regarding launching a new dispensary and weed delivery. All papers of license should be available when needed.  You must follow all the rules before starting weed delivery in Winnipeg or else you will have the risk of complaints through customers due to poor delivery and poor services. 

7. Sale all types and forms or weed products – 

Dispensaries should have all varieties of cannabis products such as sativa, indica, hybrid, Ruderalis and all forms of concentrates, dried flowers, tinctures, seeds, edibles, edible roots, leaves, pre roll puff, gummies and chocolate and accessories. 


Weed delivery gives you an option for double delivery or multiple orders at time just like other online products. Orders are processed and packaged with safety and security before dispatch from the dispensary. Weed delivery Winnipeg gives you on time delivery with friendly staff. Weed delivery provides you facility of all kinds of payment such as cash on delivery, UPI, payment through debit card, credit card through bank accounts. In short, they always think about their customer’s happiness and convenience. So order your favourite weed product from weed delivery Winnipeg and enjoy.