6 Major Types of Flat Footwear for Women’s OOTD

Footwear and a woman have an intricate relationship that rarely a man can ever get and understand. When we talk about women and their craze for accessories, we may enter into unending conversations. Women’s fashion sense comes from many motivations like her concept of modesty, perception of beauty, status and position in social groups.

Various forms of women’s fashion are set aside for specific ceremonies and occasions that mark significant moments in her life. Above all that, comfort and ease is the most crucial aspect of her life. She maintains charm as she is always on the go for her responsibilities. Being a modern woman, a wife, a boss lady, a mother, and a daughter in this new generation can be exhausting. In all this hassle of life, she can conquer the world with the right pair of footwear, and Cinderella is proof that a pair of shoes can change your life. 

So all the women out there! There is no need to take the pain of wearing the stilettos on those strong feet; you deserve the comfort of life. You have the right to choose. Wear your variety of flats like loafers, trainers, flip flops, sliders, ballet flats and jutti for women who aspire to conquer the world.

Clothing and footwear always go hand in hand as they add to the impressions of your personality. Let’s take a look at when and what pattern of flats you can wear all day long with all the charm and ease at the same time. When choosing the right footwear, one prefers to go with some factors like:

  • Outfit style
  • Weather
  • Skin colour 
  • Occasion 
  • Activity 
  • Time of the day 

You must consider the above factors to get the right pair of shoes out of piled-up varieties in the market. You will just not stack up your wardrobe with all uncomfortable and unnecessary shoes but keep all the exactly required footgear. Overall, wearing comfortable shoes is essential to prevent short-term pain and long-term damage. A change in footwear can enable you to walk for longer while keeping your feet happy and healthy!


A girl can never have too many juttis! Composed primarily of leather, these beauties are delicately embroidered with threads and tastefully decorated with beads. Over time, the traditional jutti for women has evolved, taking a more modern and glamorous form. They’re a treat to the eye, and the variety of designs available in vibrant colours have made them broadly popular and must-haves in every desi wardrobe!

There’s a type for all kinds of outfits. You can find everything from mirror work to sequins to floral designs and even jeans. They look just as trendy with dresses, denim and shorts as with any ethnic wear. This makes them a versatile piece of footwear you can hoard without guilt. However, when purchasing a pair, there are a few pointers you should keep in mind:

The base of some juttis has a tough sole which can be rough on your feet. Ensure you pick a pair that has a cushion base for maximum comfort.

The material of the shoes should be soft, support your feet and not cut through your skin. Some juttis feel tighter on the toes. You must select a pair that moulds perfectly according to the shape of your feet.

Flip flops

Flip-flops are great for everyday casual wear, as long as you don’t live in an environment that’s too cold. When heading out to the cafe, a grocery store or doing your daily errands, slide into your favourite pair of flip-flops. They are a necessity for comfy outdoor plans. They’re also great for your trips to yoga class. 


Sliders may be the shower shoes or many others, and to others, they may be cute sandals. However you may see sliders, there is no doubt that these previously deemed shower shoes are now making a comeback for summer street style. That’s right, the sliders are here (for the summer, at least). So, if you still fit into those old black and white sliders, we recommend you take them out of your closet. Morphing from classic shower slippers to newly rejuvenated street footwear, sliders are the most trendy and comfortable flats you can choose.

Finding the right pair of flats is all it takes to make your everyday larger than life. These footwear options will surely give you the considerations when buying flats. Knowing your style, requirements, and occasions will help you choose the best flat footwear you want. 


There are only a few footwear that match the charm of loafers. Loafers are a great flat footwear option if you are looking for comfortable shoes That you can wear all day long. They also have a low heel, which offers an additional height and walking comfort. Compared with other flats, loafers are quite versatile. They can be both dressy and casual. They are also suitable for different kinds of occasions, whether formal or informal. That means the loafers you wear for your office meeting can be carried forward to an afterparty at night. 

Ballet Flats  

You’ll love ballet flats and how effortless (yet powerful) they can seem when styling daily. They are the easiest to pair with any outfit, making them perfect staple shoes. It’s almost impossible to go wrong with them. Classic comfort-cut jeans with white oversized or statement shirts in funky colours are one way to go around with them flaunting in your offices, colleges and wherever you go.

To style, the French girl look with ballet flats is also an excellent way to elevate your dressing quotient or go for a total monochrome. It suits the best there too! However, they’re also a great choice to balance playful picks and statement knitwear. These flats are also styled with maxi dresses and playful vintage grand-dad cardigans.

Trainers or Trail Runner Shoes 

Women's Trail Running Shoes. Nike IN

It might seem obvious, but trainer shoes are designed for running to give you much-needed stability and comfort while running. But if you are running short distances in the gym before weight training, you may choose to wear your cross-fit training shoes. Choose a pair of lightweight trainer shoes if you’re running more than a kilometre or if you have longer distances on the road. If you’re running outdoors on mountain terrains, you should have a pair of trail running shoes, which provide increased protection on rough terrain. As Instagram is trending with loads of pictures of girls flaunting their shoes on saree, you can always take the inspiration of which colour and styles to choose on which outfits daily.