5 Things You Need To Know About FIFA Mobile

FIFA is one of the most popular professional sports game series on the planet, and it recently released a new mobile game called FIFA Mobile. It could be the next big thing for EA Sports. The fact that it’s a free game makes this even more impressive. Millions of gamers are logging on to play the game regularly. FIFA Mobile is an online soccer game that can be played on mobile devices and tablets. 

Players can buy players, build their teams, and then play against other players worldwide. The gameplay of FIFA Mobile seems simple enough: Each team has eleven players, and you only need to work out how to get the ball into the goal. But the truth is that there’s a lot more to it. If you are a newbie, stick around, we’ll show you five valuable things you need to know about FIFA Mobile.

  1. Play online in real-time

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A key feature of the game is its use of real-world players and clubs, with the ability to compete against others online. Gameplay involves swiping your finger on the screen to control your player as they move up and down the pitch. The game provides multiple control schemes, including a virtual joystick, touchpad, and buttons.

Gameplay in FIFA mobile is similar to previous titles in the series. Players can choose one of several modes, including Kick Off, Friendly Match, Online Friendlies, Online Seasons, Daily Tournaments, or Weekend League. These are played against other players online or offline with AI bots filling any empty slots on your team roster if you don’t have enough friends who play the game with you at that time of day.

  1. Level up your players

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In FIFA mobile, you can level up your players and make them better and stronger. As you level up a player, you gain more points for upgrading them. The higher the level, the more points it will cost to upgrade that player. You can level up your players by gaining experience points (XP). You can get XP by winning matches against teams or completing specific objectives during a match. 

The higher your player’s level, the better his performance will be on the field. A high-level player will have higher attributes than those of lower-level players. You can also upgrade your players’ abilities by buying FIFA 23 coins or completing objectives within matches, such as scoring goals or making assists to gain skill points (SP). You need SP to upgrade specific skills like dribbling or shooting, so your player performs better during matches.

  1. Build your club

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In FIFA mobile, you can build your ultimate squad with the best players worldwide. You start with a basic team and then use coins and other rewards to improve. You can also buy new players with real money. You can find new players by opening packs, which are bought with coins or points you earn in matches. You can also trade with other players or sell unwanted players on the market.

There are different leagues and tournaments in FIFA mobile where you can play against other players and win prizes. You can also compete in league seasons to win league rewards based on your ranking at the end of the season.

The game has a lot of different modes to keep you engaged, including:

  • Tournaments: Compete in tournaments to win prizes and claim your spot as one of the best clubs in the world.
  • Challenges: Work your way through over 100 challenges to earn rewards and build your team.
  • Live Events: Participate in live events that allow you to win unique items and rewards.
  • Multiplayer:  Play against other players worldwide in real-time multiplayer matches. There are several different modes of play, including Friendly Matches, Head to Head Seasons, Squad Battles, and more.
  1. Find the best talent for your team

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One of the essential things in FIFA Mobile is finding good players. You can win matches by simply having better players than your opponent, so this is one area where you should focus your efforts. Hundreds of teams are available, ranging from world champions to national teams with no real history behind them. 

If you can’t find one that catches your eye, you can create your team by choosing its name and colors. Once you’ve picked a team, it’s time to start playing matches against other players online or through local wi-fi networks. You’ll notice that there are several different types of matches available.

  1. Take some time to learn how to play

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You may find it difficult at first, but once you get used to it, it becomes very easy for you to play this game on your mobile phone. Learn the controls for each device type. If you’re playing on an Android phone, it will use different controls than if you’re playing on an iPhone or iPad. Check out our controls page for more information about how to play FIFA Mobile on your device type.

Learn how to use formations and tactics in FIFA Mobile. If your team isn’t performing well or losing too many matches, check out our formations page for help building better squads or tactics page for tips on winning games more easily. Don’t forget about the training. To get better at playing FIFA Mobile, you must train as often as possible. Once you get hooked by the game you can play for hours, and don’t forget to bring a wireless phone charger with you.


FIFA Mobile is an excellent game with a great deal to offer. Whether you are looking forward to the new graphics or already have a passion for the sport, it is sure to entertain. That said, keep in mind that adjusting to some of the fresh features will probably take some time.