5 Simple Ways to Clean Your Vape Tank

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To get optimum performance and elevate the vaping experience, you need to clean your vaping tank often. Even though vape juice will not permanently stain your equipment, residue can build-up, and eventually, impact your vape session.   

When your vape tank has gone through several different flavors, it can feel like the flavors have started to mix. As you finish with one e-liquid, some of the left taste can overpower the new e-liquid. This usually occurs with subtle flavors like creams. However, the device may even emit hints of coffee, tobacco, licorice, and grape flavors even after changing the coil. 

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The following five methods will help you thoroughly clean your e-liquid tank so that you can enjoy the flavors that it has to offer! Let’s start with the easiest vape tank cleaning method and then move up to more extreme ones.  

  1. The Quick & Simple Rinse  

If you want to clean your tank or vaporesso xros pods the best and easiest way, disassemble your tank completely. If you’re going to remove old flavor and gunk, be sure to remove the O-rings as well. After removing coil heads, you should clean and reuse them if they are in good condition.  

Place all the components of the tank into a bowl filled with hot water. Allow them to cool until the water has cooled down, and then give them one more rinse under a running tap. If any ingrained gunk is present, use a toothbrush to remove it. Lastly, let the surface dry entirely after patting it dry with paper towels.   

2. The PG Rinse  

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To soak your tank, you may use propylene glycol instead of water. Let your disassembled tank sit in a bowl or cup filled with PG for an hour or two. Avoid using VG because it is much thicker and will be more challenging to clean.  

PG liquid’s antibacterial and antifungal properties make it ideal for getting rid of tiny particles that water cannot remove the stray flavors that get stuck in a vape tank.  

Once the tank is done soaking in PG, allow it to drip dry on a napkin. Propylene glycol (PG) is an excellent carrier of flavor, so this method is ideal for removing leftover flavors.  

3. The Cleaning Agent Rinse  

You can also use some simple household items to give your tank a deep cleaning even if you want better results. You should rinse your tank thoroughly after applying these products and allow it to air dry.  

  • Baking soda cleans tanks well and can be used to spruce up their appearance.  
  • Ethanol, or grain alcohol, is yet another powerful cleaning agent. This is not the same as Isopropyl alcohol, which you shouldn’t use on your tank’s interior.  
  • Cheap vodka is not a standard household item; you will likely find it at the grocery store. You don’t have to spend much on it, and it will do the job.  
  • Vinegar contains a high level of acidity, which makes it an effective cleaning agent, but you must rinse it thoroughly to prevent its smell from lingering.  

4. Soapy or Lemon Juice with Water  

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Cleaning old gunk off the tank with soapy water will be very effective, and scrubbing the tank with a toothbrush will make the process even more effective. Lemon juice and water are also excellent for removing dirt. After cleaning the parts, rinse them several times to eliminate any lingering smells.  

5. The ultrasonic cleaner  

If it’s time to level up the vape tank cleaning, you can think about ultrasonic cleaners. Jewelry and other small metal items are typically cleaned with ultrasonic cleaners. There are even ultrasonic cleaners explicitly designed for vapers. A vaper who changes their tanks, coils, and flavors often will find an ultrasonic cleaner a significant investment and welcome addition.  

An ultrasonic cleaner is indispensable if you want to clean your vape tanks thoroughly.   

Submerge tank parts in water after plugging in your ultrasonic cleaner. Although you can use grain alcohol or unique cleaning solutions, water usually works fine. Make sure you choose a device with a longer timer (some ultrasonic cleaners have timers set for five or ten minutes, so make sure to pick one that will keep working longer).   

It is not that difficult to use an ultrasonic cleaner. All you need to do is fill it up with water, put your vape tank inside, and run it until everything is clean. You could alternatively add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to your ultrasonic cleaner, but it’s not necessary. Then give your tank one more rinse and let it dry.  

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If none of the above methods work and you continue to get a flavor, it may be time to consider throwing that coil away and changing it. Also, before throwing it away, make sure to give it an excellent dry burn and rebuild it after removing the wick from the tank.   

To conclude:  Vaping With a Clean Tank Makes You Happy. Yes, it does. You will no longer have to worry about any lingering tastes and try any new flavor on the market. Seeing a vape tank dripping with vape juice undermines the argument that vaping is safe and nontoxic. It is much easier to keep a tank clean.