5 Reasons to Get a Silicone Wedding Band

A ring is a great way to show commitment to your spouse. For a vast majority, however, wearing a wedding ring may not always be possible either because they may not afford their desired metal ring or their work does not allow them to wear metal rings. This is where silicone wedding bands come in!

What Is a Silicone Wedding Band?

 A silicone wedding band refers to a wedding ring with different colors and textures, usually made of a plastic material that is flexible, and durable.

Are you planning to commit to your loved one, and you can’t settle on what kind of ring to pick? Here are 5 reasons to get silicone wedding bands:

1)Silicone Wedding Bands Are Comfortable 

Are you looking for a comfortable ring? Silicone rings are made of soft, elastic rubber material that allows you to enjoy your life without worrying about removing them for safety reasons. The high-quality rubber in silicone rings will prevent any adverse allergic reactions to your skin. A silicone wedding band will also perfectly fit into your finger without falling off.

It is no wonder then that silicone wedding bands are common among athletes and those with active lifestyles such as surfers, snowboarders, skiers, weightlifters, among others. You can comfortably wear your silicone band as it is safe, thus allowing you to take part in these extreme activities- you might even forget that you are wearing any ring!

2) Silicone Wedding Bands Are Affordable Than Metal Rings

If you are looking for a wedding ring on a low budget, worry not! Silicone wedding bands come at a fraction price of metal rings! You can expect to buy them for under $50. What’s more? The silicone bands come in various colors and designs for you to choose from; hence you are sure to find something beautiful that suits your personality and that of your better half. Available colors usually include yellow gold, platinum, silver, among others.

Are you worried that wearing your sparkling diamond metal might get lost or be a magnet for thieves? Unlike expensive metal rings, your silicone wedding band is likely to stay in your finger longer as it is made of plastic material which is valuable for thieves. Hence, you can proudly wear it everywhere without hesitation because fits well and is also less likely to be stolen.

3) Silicone Wedding Bands Are Safer

Your safety is paramount in finding the right wedding band. You want to find a ring or band that not only fits your finger but also ensures your safety in your professional works. If you are in some professions such as construction, electrical, military, and welding, you know that metal is highly discouraged at work. Therefore, silicone is a better alternative as they are safe to wear at work.

 Wearing metal rings may put you at risk of ring avulsion injuries when the metal rings get caught on work-related equipment, thus causing forceful pulling of your finger, often resulting in tendon, tissue, and muscle finger injuries. Metals rings at work for professionals like electricians can result in electrical conduction, hence electrocuting you.

4) Silicone Wedding Bands Are Easy to Clean

Cleaning your silicone wedding band should not be a worry at all! If your silicone band is stained, cleaning it is as easy as gently rubbing it in soapy water and drying it. Remember silicone bands are made of plastic, and therefore, be sure to remove it to dry after you shower while wearing it to prevent bacterial growth that may result from lack of airflow between the skin and the band.

5) Silicone Weddings Are Long-Lasting

You can wear your silicone wedding band in a variety of conditions for a long time without any fuss. The ring may not be passed down from generation to generation. However, it is essential to note that subjecting the ring to extreme pressure can result in wear and tear, but this is great! Wear and tear means that you can replace your band, usually at an affordable price, without hurting your finger.

Have you decided on choosing that wedding band yet? A silicone wedding band will give you comfort to carry your daily routine without the need to remove it, providing the perfect way to demonstrate your commitment to your loved one.