5 Most Popular Sweepstake Games to Play

Sweepstake games are in demand because they are mostly available to enter for free. There are many types of sweepstake games to play online and a lot of the leading games can be found at sweepstake casinos. Thanks to the format of sweepstake casinos, they are legal across most of the United States. 

The online games are proving to be a real hit with players looking at alternatives to playing classic board games and other similar titles online. Continue below as we bring you 5 of the most popular sweepstake games to play.

Sugar Rush

Many of the top online sweepstake casino games are slots and Sugar Rush is a great example of a sweepstake slot game. Sugar Rush is a candy themed slot game produced by Pragmatic Play and the symbols on the reels look delicious as they go whizzing round on the screen. They are several types of candy on the reels but do not be deceived by the tasty nature of the graphics, Sugar Rush is a high volatile sweepstake game with features including tumbles, multipliers, and free spins. 

No-limit Texas Hold’em

Although many of the most popular sweepstake games are slots, there are classic card games available, including No-limit Texas Hold’em. This poker game is available to play at many online sweepstake casinos and there are some dedicated poker sweepstake sites available. Social games of online No-limit Texas Hold’em can include between 2 and 10 players, with a range of buy-in amounts. There are several actions a player can take during a game of No-limit Texas Hold’em, including check, fold, bet, call, and raise. The tension begins to rise as the dealer reveals the community cards and having played the game just once, you will see why No-limit Texas Hold’em is so popular.

Wheel of Luck

If you have seen the television game show Wheel of Fortune then you already know what to expect when playing Wheel of Luck. Fortune Coins is one of the most trusted sweepstake casino platforms and you will find Wheel of Luck, among other games available at this website. Wheel of Luck begins with a choice of coin level and the bills you want to use. The bills match those that are on the wheel and should the Wheel of Luck stop on the bill of your choice, you win. When you land on a bill, the win will multiply by the amount shown and it only takes a few wins to build up a sizeable sum. The wheel is enormous, so there are plenty of opportunities to win when playing Wheel of Luck and no experience or knowledge is required to play the game.

Pyramids of Giza

The beauty of online slot games is the fact they can adopt any genre and for those who want to step into the world of ancient Egypt, Pyramids of Giza is a fantastic sweepstake game. Pyramids of Giza is so popular because the images on the reels include many of the most recognizable symbols in Egyptian history, including the Sphynx, Eye of Ra, and Tutankhamun’s mask. The Egyptian princess symbol is the wild and this can substitute for any other symbol on the reels to boost wins plus there are three bonus symbols which lead to special prizes.


For those who are looking for a sweepstake card game that requires no prior experience, WAR is the perfect choice. This card game is one of the most popular sweepstake games online because it is so simple to play. All you have to do is bet on yourself to have a higher card than the dealer. It does not get any easier or more dramatic than that. If the cards are equal, you have the opportunity to go to ‘war’ and both you and the dealer reveal an additional card to decide the winner. WAR is simple to play and a lot of fun.