5 Little-Known Facts about Casinos that will Blow Your Mind

The recent technological developments have positively impacted the gambling industry, making both land-based and online casinos more popular than ever.

The industry tends to keep up with the latest trends and has thus introduced cryptocurrencies as a payment method and allowed its users to enjoy live casino games from the comfort of their homes.

With the coronavirus limiting our daily activities, online gaming developers have decided to take advantage of the situation and invest in their platforms, ensuring the best user experience for their players.

However, as the safety measures are becoming less strict, gaming enthusiasts have been returning to land-based casinos to get a taste of the real excitement.

Casinos have been around for a long time since the 17th century, to be precise, when the Casino di Venezia opened and marked the birth of the gambling universe we know today.

But, what do we know about the casino industry?

Our knowledge is limited to what we’ve read on the Internet or heard from other casino users. So, if you want to learn some fun trivia about the world of casinos, stay tuned for some interesting facts that you can use to show off the next time you organize a game night or visit a casino.

It all started with dice

Dice games are the oldest form of gambling that existed and originated in Ancient Greece— that’s what historians claim.

Centuries ago, people used different materials found in nature to make dice, such as wood, rock, and even bone. However, their initial purpose was not for gambling.

As the Ancient Greeks were pagans, they believed the gods controlled the results of the dice throws. The evidence found shows the name of their goddess of justice was Dike, implying that the word dice was probably coined after her.

Therefore, they used the dice as a way of communicating with divine authorities before they realized they could use them for entertainment.

The largest casino is not in Vegas

Although Las Vegas is considered the center of the casino industry, you’d be surprised to learn that the largest land-based casino is not in Nevada.

The Venetian Macao in China carries the title of the biggest luxury casino resort in the world with 51,000m2 gaming space. The casino has 6000 slot machines and 800 poker tables, so there’s enough room for all the tourists that come to try out their luck.

Plus, guests have many other facilities at their disposal, such as spa centers, pools, karaoke rooms, and over 150 restaurants.

It has its own jargon

Believe it or not, there’s a glossary of casino terminology that includes the unique phrases used by experienced players. Some of the terms are self-explanatory, whereas the more advanced jargon can cause a bit of confusion if you’re not sure about the meaning. That’s why newbie players should catch up on the casino slang to avoid feeling baffled upon hearing the words such as “marker” or “whale.”

You can’t call yourself a professional until you master the language. Plus, you’ll get to impress your game-playing friends with the newly-learned vocabulary.

You can deny yourself access

A little-known fact in the gaming world is that you can ban yourself from a casino if you feel that your hobby has transformed into an addiction. Let’s face it—gaming is a great way to pass the time, but if you take it to an extreme level, you can risk ruining your life and spending all of your savings.

Some countries allow you to voluntarily exclude yourself from the casino premises for a while, whether it be a year, ten years, or indefinitely.

The biggest win ever

As an avid casino player, you’re probably wondering about the highest winnings ever recorded in history. The largest slot machine jackpot was almost 40 million dollars, and the lucky fellow was a 25-year-old engineer from LA who was on a family trip in Las Vegas at the time.

The best part is that he only invested a 100$, and the last round he played was certainly the luckiest. The young man decided not to splurge but to help his parents fund their retirement plans. Not only is he lucky, but modest as well!

Key takeaways

You’re probably processing all the fun trivia you’ve picked up in the article, and now you’re one step closer to declaring yourself a casino veteran. As you can see, the casino industry is full of surprises and remarkable events that have shaped its history since day one. If you’re interested in learning more, you can always rely on the Internet to help you research.