5 best ways to achieve 1000 followers on Twitter

Twitter is not just a micro-blogging platform but a whole ecosystem within itself. It has helped people gain followers and recognition on other platforms like Instagram and Facebook as well. Twitter also works for business owners, who can use it to build a reliable community of consumers. However, like most other social media platforms, Twitter also needs followers. The significance of having a substantial number of followers is not alien to anyone today. A good number of followers is synonymous with credibility, visibility, and popularity. All of these features are what the internet universe is all about. Thus, Twitter is a vital tool to expand your network of influence. Many social campaigns and commercial campaigns are announced and begin via Twitter.

 It is usually easy to gain the first hundred or two hundred followers on Twitter because your network of friends and family can easily ensure you that number. However, the real challenge is to earn your first hundred thousand. It may be difficult but not unattainable. While you can always buy Twitter followers, this article will let you in, on the best five ways to achieve a thousand followers on Twitter. Read the article to understand how you can ace your game and increase your engagement on twitter to establish a proud number of followers .

1) Tweet Frequently

Like almost any other social media platform, it is necessary to be regular and active with your Twitter activity. To increase enagagement on Twitter and gain greater visibility, you need to have at least three to five tweets per day. However, frequent tweets should not be confused with posting anything and everything. Your tweet should be focused on a specific audience, topic, or genre. Do not make tweets that do not have relevance. Your followers and viewers should enjoy reading your tweets, therefore do not spam their feeds.

2) Stay Up-to-Date with trends

People love to read tweets and anything quoted or inspired by recent events or trends. The best example is how many memers turned to the Heard-Depp trial to create memes. Similarly, a few psychologists tried to educate the users on Heard’s psychological condition. Apart from this, being up to date helps you engage with other users too. You may quote your opinion as a reply to a tweet. Replying to a tweet introduces you to the followers of the former, thereby giving you visibility.

3) Have an appealing profile 

While the first impression does not have to be the last, it is crucial to keep a positive impression on your followers. Have a nice username, a witty bio, and specify your location. Make sure to upload a high-resolution profile picture too. A detailed profile is a big factor in attracting followers. People sharing the same niche might follow you to increase their network. People sometimes want to connect with others who share their demographics. So, updating such fine details increases your chances of expanding the follower base.

4)Follow for Follow Backs

Everyone on Facebook, Instagram, etc., is constantly in a competition to have more followers or friends than the other person. People sometimes follow certain accounts to have a follow back. Remember seeing those “follow for following” stories on Instagram? One can apply the same technique on Twitter. 

While this might not always guarantee results, it is useful. So follow people who have similar interests and have a look at their followers and following lists as well. It might help you connect with more people. 

5) Create a Community Outside of Twitter 

Do not keep yourself restricted to Twitter for the sake of gaining followers. Expand your network on other social media platforms too. Include Instagram followers and Facebook friends in your Twitter. Take screenshots of your tweets and share them on WhatsApp and Instagram. This trick makes you popular among your target community and has been very influential in increasing your followers on Twitter. I too learned about many comedians, life coaches, and fitness influencers by reading their tweets on various Instagram pages.

There are many ways that the internet will list down to help you increase followers on Twitter. However, reading them will make you realize that all of them melt down to these five core steps. One must understand that social media is for people and not numbers. Therefore, your focus should be on the people. Post things that engage them. You can be creative with pictures and videos. Pick real-life events as they are perceived as more relatable. Therefore, make your tweets about people and tell them what they want to and must-hear. You can also find the best sites to buy Twitter followers if need arises.

 Twitter is a versatile platform. It allows you to experiment, argue, entertain, etc. So be a responsible netizen to reap the maximum benefits and earn the maximum followers.