5 Awesome Things You Can Do with Crypto

In 2009, Bitcoin officially launched. Since then, the crypto market has reached unbelievable heights, with the likes of Elon Musk, Lebron James, and Kim Kardashian all endorsing it. Now, if you open up Twitter, it’s hard not to be a part of the crypto conversation – everyone is talking about it. But what exactly can you do with crypto? 

You will be excited to learn that there are lots of cool, interesting, and outright weird things that you can do with all the major cryptocurrencies in 2023. Here is a look at five awesome examples: 

1: Play Online Casino Games 

Online casinos started popping up way back in the 90’s, however over recent years, many online casinos have started accepting cryptos (like Bitcoin) as a deposit and payment method. This way, people can gain access to all the popular casino games, such as roulette and video poker, simply by depositing a small (or large) number of crypto tokens. So, if you have invested in crypto and are a fan of gambling, this is something you will definitely want to try. Just make sure to gamble responsibly with your cryptos. 

If you’re from the US keep in mind that online gambling isn’t legal in every state and that a legal real money online casino in the US will not accept deposits in cryptocurrency.

2: Buy and Hold 

One of the most popular (and strategic) things to do with cryptocurrencies is to buy and hold them. 

The idea behind this is that (if the cryptos increase in value over time), the owner can then sell them for a profit. The money they earn from this can then be re-invested back into crypto or other ventures. It is a matter of personal choice. 

If you are a business-minded individual, buying and holding is a great thing to try when it works. However, you might be waiting months (or even years) before the value of your crypto investment increases by an exciting margin. 

3: Book a Flight 

These days, many airlines are accepting crypto as a payment method. Essentially, this means that you can book a flight to almost anywhere in the world using Bitcoin or another crypto. The only catch to this is that not all airlines accept crypto, so you will have to browse carefully to find the ones that do, such as British Airways. Happy flying! 

4: Make Transactions 

Both personal and business-related crypto transactions are becoming increasingly common. Whether you want to pay your friend for doing you a favor or send crypto to a business in exchange for a product, the opportunities are limitless. Just make sure to use a reliable crypto exchange platform so that everything is nice and safe. 

5: Buy a Car!

Lastly, you can use your crypto to a buy a car. 

Many online car sellers and pre-owned dealerships now accept cryptos, which is incredibly exciting. 

Sadly, Tesla – owned by crypto-lover Elon Musk – no longer accept Bitcoin. However, you can buy most Tesla models with Dogecoin, one of the market’s fastest-growing cryptos. Whether it will reach Bitcoin’s value remains to be seen.