4 Signs of Cocaine Abuse that Requires Inpatient Drug Rehab to Recover

Cocaine addiction can take a toll on the user; if you suspect your loved one is an addict, you need to find help for them. You need to monitor their behavioral and physical changes. Recognizing the symptoms is the first step to getting help. The disorder is a medical illness that will require the intervention of a professional to help the user. Once you observe drastic changes in health and social functions, check them in for cocaine treatment toronto.

If the user shows drastic signs that might be fatal, it’s time to check into an inpatient drug detox rehab to get the much-needed help from the professional physicians at the facility. Below are signs to look out for the inpatient drug rehab services to recover. Drug addiction takes a long time to overcome. The recovery time spent at an inpatient facility is shorter; the addict needs to make the most of it to stay sober. By developing daily clean habits, setting boundaries, and continuing with counseling and care therapy,

Signs of cocaine use

While some changes might be subtle, others glare you can see, like a sudden change in behavior, psychological and physical appearance. Drug addiction can change how one acts and looks. 

Loss of weight and Body Coordination

Addicts’ physical body coordination is hampered because of excessive drug use. The movement is unbalanced, and they can’t walk right and keep calm; they twitch and scratch themselves a lot. They will also experience sudden seizures caused by drug binges for days on end.  

Because of excessive drug use, they develop poor eating habits and lose their appetite over time, and this can cause a massive weight loss. 

The speech also is slurred and sluggish because of drug overuse. An addict’s life revolves around drugs at all times. Daily consumption is a norm that they feel incomplete without using it. They think of drugs; it shows that they depend on drugs, thus affecting their body coordination.

Changes in physical appearance

Most addicts get hooked over some time, will have sunken eyes, bloodshot eyes, and dilated skin texture that is pale because they stay indoors binging on drugs are hiding from their family. They have visible skin marks caused by needles and razors used to administer the drugs, frequent weird puffiness on their looks, and skin itchiness.

They are often dirty because they have lost themselves in drugs, the energy to take care of their hygiene needs is diminished.

Reclusiveness and Mood Swings 

Some of the behavior exhibited by a cocaine addict is changes in social circles, reclusiveness, lack of interest in participating in family functions; they have constant mood swings, which might result from lack of sleep due to excessive consumption of cocaine. Will notice a lack of productivity at work and they can’t concentrate. 

They will be pathological lies because they want to cover their tracks; they always sneak out at odd hours and keep suspicious company. The secrecy level goes up because they are trying not to get caught in the act. Drug detox can help, in this case, to help the addicts recover from the side effects of the drug.

Paranoia and Isolation

When one misuses drugs, they act out of character. They quickly become irritable and violent; they see everybody as an enemy. Their thought process is unique because they are battling the demons of drugs, and their attitude and priorities change. Nothing matters to them anymore; all they think about is how to get the drugs—making them isolate themselves from people who love them. 

They are paranoid and dismissive; any little thing can trigger them to change their personality. Always anxious and trusts nobody, they think nobody cares for them, hence drifting further from reality. They want to isolate themselves from friends and family to hide what they are doing, lose interest in activities to avoid being in groups with people outdoors.

In a nutshell, drug addiction disease is curable, and with the proper support system, the addicts can fully recover and become productive citizens in society. We can restore their dignity by enrolling them in a reputable inpatient drug rehab. They need love and care to recover fully.