3 Technologies That Power Online Slots Industry in 2021

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Image Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/rDzI7m7sjPE 

The online slots industry has reached a new level ever since most games became available online. According to Business Insider, the biggest casinos in the world are investing great amounts of money into new technologies, despite the huge losses the industry experienced in 2020. 

The reason: The sense of competitiveness typically seen in online video games has become one of the essential features of successful online casinos. 

Now, more than ever, online casino platforms offer several significant benefits when compared to their land-based counterparts. Apart from providing a considerable variety of games, online operators keep updating their games with new graphics, features, and other up-to-date technologies. The latest technological developments have allowed online casinos to evolve, so let’s take a better look at what powers today’s online slots.

  1. Gamification in Online Casinos 

Today, online casinos can be much more than just a space to spin the reels of real money slots. The best gamification platforms provide their customers with truly unique experiences and an array of exciting casino features. In that sense, they’ve implemented a serious reward system as well as popular video game features to give casino enthusiasts a better experience overall. 

Regardless you’re a live casino ace or a real money slot enthusiast, casino gamification will considerably improve your gameplay. Some popular gamification features include duels and PvP with big prizes for the lucky ones. Players can also find VIP/Loyalty programs with profitable perks, as well as unique rewards for social media influencing. 

For players outside the state, the development team at Cashmio have designed exciting “Missions” that award player exclusive bonuses upon completion. Players can also delve into a unique and thrilling casino world with its own currency, quest, and maps. Or partake in epic superhero adventures and multiple casino races. 

All of the gamification-dependent casinos have to exceed the expectations in the following categories.

  • Creativity and reliability of gamification features
  • Both quantity and quality of software developers
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Welcome Bonuses
  • Security and safety
  • Seamless customer journey
  • Customer support
  • RTP (Return to player percentage)  
  • Mobile Optimization & Gaming Technology

When it comes to modern online casino technologies, both gaming technology, and mobile optimization are going hand in hand. In truth, mobile and online casinos invest considerably in getting their services and platforms fully optimized for multiple mobiles, internet-based devices.

Since all operators struggle to provide each player with an outstanding user experience, mobile optimization has become a trend that allows these casinos to attract larger audiences. Even so, customers are spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting the online gaming platform, they prefer due to the highest levels of mobile optimization.

The best part? Mobile optimized platforms allow to enjoy the fruitautomaten in a casino from anywhere at any time, and all they need is internet access and a device to be able to play.  

A big reason that many players flock to mobile-optimized online casinos is their improved security over land-based casinos. After all, there’s no chance of theft or having your payout stolen in an online platform unless the website is unscrupulous. That means mobile optimized casino platforms are even more secure; most smartphones now have lock mechanisms that involve face recognition or fingertips, things that thieves or criminals can’t replicate easily. If the platform is well-optimized and provides peerless security, that’ll be an impossibly attractive combination for online casino enthusiasts, who want to know that their data is safe to the fullest extent possible.

  1. Adoption of Cryptocurrency

Blockchain technology has rapidly become a public ledger design for new transactions. And online gambling statistics might say one thing. This form of gambling and entertainment is hugely dependent on currencies and our economy. Nowadays, we can purchase cryptocurrencies with ease, and everyone is slowly making this transaction and are embracing this formula.

For the online casino environment, cryptos will provide a wide range of payment options since this is their gaming tactic. As Bitcoin was the initial blockchain-based currency and is the most popular to be in circulation, most – if not all- online casinos that accept crypto will accept Bitcoin as payment. On these platforms, customers can deposit money and withdraw their winnings with Bitcoin.

Beyond the acceptance of different cryptocurrencies, people have even gone so far as to make bitcoins, especially for online gambling, and with good reason. Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology which means they have a special level of security inherent in them. Each trade, transaction, or purchase that happens within a specific currency will join a distributed ledger that defines that coin. That means that each system involved in the coin’s blockchain will agree upon and validate what transactions have occurred. In fact, this means that it’s extremely difficult to falsify transactions.

When it comes to implementing blockchain technology in the online casino environment, the intrinsic security features fit perfectly to the gambling industry – they protect customers and operators.

  1. Virtual Reality

VR will impact not only the economy but also the gambling industry. There are already several online platforms that offer VR online slots games, but online casinos are yet to fully implement the technology.

Over the next couple of years, virtual reality could take online slot betting to a whole new level as casino operators are constantly looking for a new way to enhance the overall customer experience.

Technology continues to evolve, and we’re expecting casino enthusiasts to enjoy gambling with 3D and 360-degrees graphics soon once the technology is perfected.

Modern technologies are changing the casino environment for the better. Not only it makes it more convenient and safer, but also more accessible for a larger audience. With the latest innovations soon to dominate the market, we can only imagine what the industry’s future will look like.