3 Amazing Colored Stones That Can Balance Your Mind

Humans are the most creative as well as the most boring elements present out there on the Earth. On the same note, our mind is one of the most powerful assets, which we have. Human minds not only control our mental thoughts but also our inner emotions and hence eventually our lives too. There are certain times in our lives when we come across incredible people who have comparatively fewer social and financial resources than we have yet they lead a much happier life than us. Have you ever experienced that too..? 

              Well, it’s the way we have trained our minds. A happy and healthy mind will always find its road to success and happiness while a stressed mind with negative thinking will always remain unhappy and discouraged. Thus one should always have a balanced and positive mind. So how are you going to change your mind..? Vedic astrology has a solution for your every problem or requirement. The owner of stunning beauty and cosmic powers, colored astrological gemstones are always here to help you in the best possible way. Let us explore how. 

Gemstones are Wholesome 

Owing to their amazing healing properties, Natural precious gemstones are widely popular among admirers, astrologers, and believers of the beauty and powers. These supernatural gemstones are simple yet extremely effective in nature. Besides bringing glamor, there are several ways in which these astonishing pieces of gems can add value to your daily lives. If you want to fetch love, luck, wealth, and health all at the same time, these naturally colored stones can be your second best companions. First are of course, your personal efforts and hard work. 

               Apart from making a perfect combination for your jewelry, they help you to stay focused towards your life goals and enhance your persona simultaneously. Today in this article, we are going to see some incredible colored gemstones that have the power to change your mind and help you achieve the desire of your heart. Here is a list of 3 powerful astrological stones that carry the power to change your mind and help you to come out of mental strain and face difficult situations and tough times of life. 

Gemstones for Balanced Mind  

Ruby aka Manik Stone

Rich red-colored rubies or Manik is an extremely powerful astrological gemstone. On the account of its mesmerizing beauty and association with the strongest planet Sun, Ruby is said to be the king of gemstones. It is widely known for helping you to get rid of all the dullness and laziness from your life. The shiny red hue of this July Birthstone also has a lot of benefits in terms of your mental and physical health. Besides improving your social and financial status, natural ruby is considered great for your mind too. Since it boosts your memory power and enhances your concentration level, this natural red stone is strongly recommended for people working in police, politics, diplomacy, and other leadership roles. It largely benefits the students preparing for administrative and civil services examinations.

Panna or Emerald Stone

Emerald, also popularly known as Panna ratan, is one of the most expensive, yet effective, gemstones out there. It not only makes a premium piece of jewelry but is also worn for a great mind. You will see that the most influential personalities such as tycoons, politicians, industrialists, and creative artists rely upon this gorgeous green beauty. This birthstone of May month is best known for fetching luck, name, fame, influence, and prosperity in one’s life. It is worn by pregnant women for safe and normal delivery. Owing to its rich luster, it is quite popular among the elite section of society. People with weak Mercury in their birth chart should wear it to cure the situation and avail themselves with desired success. 

Pearl aka Moti Ratan

Natural Pearl or Real Moti is renowned for its great healing powers. They are popularly known for helping in anger management. For those who have excessive anger issues, astrologers suggest them owning Natural Moti ratan. When it comes to your mind, they bring peace of mind and clarity in thoughts. However, finding an authentic pearl is not that easy. Real Pearls are marine gems and found at the deepest depths of the seas. Though, as soon as you involve these marine gifts in your daily lifestyle, you start experiencing extraordinary healings and positive energies around you. Alike its pure white and off-white color, wearing of Real Moti RIng purifies one’s mind and brings peace, prosperity, and happiness in its wearer’s life. Natural Moti is immensely serviceable in professions where high confidence and deep concentration are highly required. It enhances the creativity level of your mind and helps you with better self-expression skills that ensure success in artistic pursuits.

  • The process of wearing a gem also makes a huge difference in the results it may deliver. Study the detailed Vedic process of wearing a gemstone in our earlier piece of blog.

Point to be taken into consideration:- 

  • In case you are also looking out to buy any of these gemstones, first meet a learned astrologer along with your birth chart so that he or she can guide you with your suitable piece of the gem after reading the present placement of stars and planets in your house of horoscope. 
  • Wear an astrological gemstone only after due consultation from an astrologist or gemologist, because what may be favorable for one, may not be equally beneficiary for someone else. 
  • In order to avail maximum benefits out of your gemstone investment, make sure the stone is directly touching the skin of your body while wearing.
  • Last but never least, in fact, the most important one, always prefer wearing only natural gemstones. To confirm the acclaimed quality and originality of the stone, buy authentic gemstones from a trustworthy retailer or from a reliable gemstones website and ask for a certificate of authenticity. 

Explore the next 3 supernatural gems that hold the power to strengthen your mind. to be continued…