10 Online Poker Tips For Beginners

Playing poker has become more accessible with the power of the internet. You don’t have to attend live games or find someone to play with. The existence of online poker has given anyone the option to play the game anytime they want.

Poker online is not only an alternative way to enjoy the game but can also help beginners and professionals practice a strategy or enhance their skills when needed. 

If you have not tried playing poker on the internet, it’s time to practice playing it. Maybe you’ll find it exciting and dedicate more time to learning like a pro.

Beginner’s Tips When Playing Poker Online

Learn the Basics

One cannot play a game without understanding the rules. Every game has specific rules that you need to read and apply. Therefore, before you play online poker real money, you can try free games to apply the rules. 

You can begin by trying Texas Hold em. Other variants of Hold em are Omaha and Short Deck. They almost have the same rules but slight differences, which you can quickly grasp once you understand the primary game.

Another basic rule to know is hand ranking. Poker hand ranking is essential when playing the game as you can use it correctly and ensure your chances to advance.

Even poker position is part of the rules you need to learn because it does have an impact on your game.

Play on a Single Table

Now you’ve learned the basics of poker and are confident to test your skills. You can find poker sites where you can practice for free. 

Playing at multiple tables online is possible, but it is best to start on a single table for beginners. The reason for focusing on a single table is to practice what you have studied about the game. You can find applying the rules challenging when you jump from one table to another.

You should learn every game detail, from your strategies to how your opponents move or play.

Once you have mastered the fundamentals, you can practice reading hand ranges and assess your accuracy during the showdown. You may make the most of your time at single tables by doing this. Multiple-table tournaments and the like should be excluded at first. You can rest assured that there will be time for that later.

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At first, you might think when you play poker online, it will eliminate distractions, but that’s not always the case.

You can sometimes get distracted from simple things like watching television, surfing the web, etc. These distractions can affect your game by missing out a hand, committing mistakes, and so on.

Make sure to create a distraction-free area in your house and find ways to fill the time between hands that are not too distracting.

Stick to a Playing Style

Professional players can easily adjust how they play in a way that helps them win a game. For beginners, it’s not easy to try on different styles when playing. Therefore, you must have a defined play to help you avoid losses and errors.

For example, use your strongest hands when playing the game. Weak hands can work and cause a player to win, but they are more applicable to experienced players because they know what to do, understand how to read their opponents, and use strategies that work at that moment.

Playing only your strongest cards can help you avoid having to make difficult choices after the flop. You’ll play fewer hands as a result, but they’ll be more aggressive when you are confident with your skills.

Don’t Let Emotions Take Over

Losing is part of the game and can make a person feel bad about it or angry. However, if you start to feel like your emotions are taking over, try to find distractions from them. If you are mad, it can affect how you play the game, costing you money.

Don’t go over the chat box and express how you feel there.

As you practice and play, you will eventually learn how to control your emotions and not let them affect you.

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Learn When to Fold

Learn to fold more hands than you play to improve your starting hand. If your rivals keep raising and calling, you should think about folding your hands, even if you have a few strong hands. Most players at the low stakes don’t know how to bluff that much, so when they are calling and raising, they probably have a strong and high-ranking hand that they are confident about.

Use Poker Software

To compete against other poker players, every beginner must use a basic poker program. Tracking software is quite beneficial because it allows you to view information on your competitors and learn more about their style of play. 

Learn How to Calculate Your Odds and Outs

Before getting started, all participants should know the odds and outs of the poker game. Understanding the odds of hitting your hand is crucial to winning the game. It includes occasional flush and straight draws and full house outs. 

For example, if you get a flush draw with two hearts in your hand and two on the flop, you get nine outs to hit the draw.

It will be easier to determine your chances of hitting a winning hand if you understand the technical parts of it, such as pot odds and hand charts.

Use Your Position

The best poker advice for new players is to take advantage of your table position. Your position is a significant asset in any game as it will help you decide which hand to play.

Being in the late position allows you to observe what the other players decide to do first. As opposed to playing as a lead, this enables you to play more reactively.

Play Straight Forward

Newcomers should fold when you don’t have a hand and play when you do. Keep things simple and avoid trying to bluff too much, as your bluffs will likely be exposed by more skilled players, who will then be able to dominate you in the game.

When you gain more experience, it is time you can learn to bluff and play aggressively. You’ll need to do this when you’re against tight players.

It doesn’t imply you should talk about your folds and raises in the online chat boxes when you are playing a straightforward game. It will only give your opponents information that will give them the upper hand and allow them to outplay you.


Playing poker online is the best and most accessible way to enjoy the game and practice your skills. Beginners can try free poker games to apply the basic rules, and when they are ready for real money poker online, they can go to GGPoker, the world’s largest poker room, and try their hands on the good ‘ole classic Texas Hold em. If you are ready, sign up at GGPoker today!