10 Most Famous Betting Strategies Must-Try

Published on: 08/Dec/2022

In practice, haphazard chaotic actions only benefit beginners and only the first few times. Losses also occur for competent betters, but through careful tactical planning, they can block failures and ultimately remain in the black. 

This article will collect ten must-have sports betting strategies for you; the winnings are closer than you think; it’s just that knowledge must also be sorted into a clear algorithm of actions, so let’s get started!

Anti-Martingale Sports Betting Strategy

In sports betting, the “Anti-Martingale” strategy entails increasing the amount after a win and decreasing it after a loss. The “Anti-Martingale” strategy seeks a winning streak; otherwise, no profit is made. 

For the bet, you must select an outcome with a coefficient of 2. From the first to the last step, the quotes change. If he wins, the following bet is doubled. If the bettor wins the jackpot three times in a row, the game returns to the first stage. If the bet is lost, the winnings are divided in half. And so it goes after each defeat.

Classic Martingale Betting Strategy

The strategy’s essence is to double the bet amount with each loss. Betting is done on events with a coefficient greater than 2.00. This strategy allows you to make a profit in a relatively short period. The initial bet amount is determined by the size of the bank and the calculated risk. If the player believes there will be no more than five losing bets, the minimum bet amount is 1% of the pot.

The risk of using “Martingale” is that if the losing streak continues and the pot is not large enough, it can be drained without waiting for a win. As a result, betting on this strategy should be approached with caution.

Dallas Betting Strategy

The bettor’s task is to bet against a weak team’s goal with a coefficient of at least 1.7. In other words, you must wager that the underdog will not be able to print the gate of the favorite. 

The wager is placed in real time and lasts between 10 and 20 minutes. It is possible to allocate up to 5% of the current bank. 60% of the guessed bets will result in a profit of 5% to 15% of the bet funds (depending on the coefficients).

Danish Betting Strategy

In principle, the so-called “Danish” strategy is similar to the previously mentioned “Martingale.” The key distinction between this strategy and the previous one is the increase in the size of each subsequent bet. 

The bet after a loss in the “Danish” strategy does not double but increases by the amount of the initial bet, so with the first bet of 100 rupees and a loss, the next bet will be 200 rupees. If it fails, a bet of 300 rupees is placed in its place.

Furthermore, when a player loses in the “Danish” strategy, he must raise the bet and increase the coefficient by 0.5 of the initial value.

Kelly Criterion Betting Strategy 

The Kelly Criterion is a progressive financial strategy that combines game and financial market elements. The main goal is to determine the bet size. This requires a special formula.

The formula for calculating the Kelly criterion:

  • S =(P*K-1)/(K-1), in which:
  • S is the desired Kelly criterion;
  • P – player’s score;
  • K is the official forecast of the bookmaker.
  • The coefficient is expressed as a percentage.

For example, let’s say you’re interested in a hockey game where bookmakers are betting 1.8 on one team and 2.2 on the other. As a percentage, this means that the first team has a 55% chance of winning, while the second has a 45% chance. Assume you disagree with the forecast, believe the second team has a better chance of winning, and that the true quote is 1.5 (65%).

If the prediction is correct and the bookmaker made a mistake, it is possible to place a bet with a favorable quote. Put the values into the equation to get:

The Kelly Criterion is (0.65*1.8-1)/(1.8-1)= 0.21=21%. So, to win, you must bet 21% of the pot. In this case, the player’s funds will quickly run out, so it is recommended that the percentage received be divided several times until the value is less than 5% of the total amount.

“2 out of 3”, or 66% Betting Strategy

The essence of this strategy is that you will bet ordinaries on three events with coefficients ranging from 1.70 to 2.50. The initial bet should not exceed 5% of the bank balance. You must drag two bets out of three. In this case, the second bet is placed only after the first has been calculated, and the third after the second has been calculated.

If you win the first two bets, you skip the third and proceed to the next cycle of three bets. 

If two bets are not won in the first cycle, the bet amount increases by 2% for the next three-bet cycle. The bet grows until two out of three bets are played in the cycle.

Betting on Underdogs in Tennis Strategy

Many tournaments in the 250 and 500 categories are fraught with tension. This is frequently due to the obvious favorites viewing such competitions as practice for larger tournaments – “Masters” and “Slams.”

The favorites simply merge after completing local tasks after reaching the semifinal or quarterfinal stage. Such cases are more uncommon in ATP tournaments, but underdogs frequently emerge in WTA tournaments.

To make a profit, you must pay attention to the history of personal meetings as well as which major tournaments are coming up next.

Overlap of All Outcomes Betting Strategy

The most basic variation of this method is to look for two bookmakers, such as 24betting and Betway, that predict the victory of different teams. It is necessary to calculate how much it is worth dividing the pot in such a way that you will win in any case.

Double-Outcome Betting Strategy

There are three possible outcomes in any team sports competition. A bet on two out of three outcomes is referred to as a double outcome strategy. Appropriate for matches with equal opponents. 

You can bet on two outcomes if it is unclear who will win. The coefficient will be lower than it would be in the case of a standard bet. The likelihood of winning rises.

The First Goal With a Foot Betting Strategy

Because most goals are scored with their feet, the strategy may appear strange. In reality, the probability is less than 50% because the ball can be sent into the goal by the head or a part of the body, and matches do not always end with goals. 

Only place the bet if you have statistics on different players scoring goals with their feet. Also, do not put it at the beginning because the coefficients are currently low. It usually increases after 10-20 minutes of play.

Don’t Wait to Test Betting Strategies

Betting can be transformed from a pastime into a reliable source of income. To do so, you must research expert forecasts and comprehend strategies. This method will incorporate the system into your actions. A well-chosen strategy will control your winnings and losses and prevent you from going into negative territory, even if no bet has been placed.